Priest recommends beer, alcohol for fasting, lent

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Catholic Priest in India pleaded to faithful Christians to consider beer and alcohol as ways of effective 40 days fast. He said we should take lots of BEER.

This special beer must be based on the following recipe:

B-BIBLE- Read your Bible.This is God’s given time to be spiritually enriched with the word of God

E-EMPATHY- Feel empathy for the poor and neglected and do something about it.

E-EUCHARIST- Go for mass frequently besides Sunday’s.If possible everyday.
R-RECONCILIATION-This is the best time to reconcile with those we have hurt, not talking, seek forgiveness. Restore our relationship with God and one another.

You also need much of alcohol….
A: Almsgiving
L: Love
C: Compassion
O: Orderliness
H: Healthy relationship
O: Offering oneself
L: Listening ear

Have a wonderful and joyful Lent please, do not forget your BEER!
God bless you real good.

From the Parish Priest of St.Patrick’s Church in Bangalore in India