Still calling on Kaduna govt to bring back the kidnapped students safe and alive.

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By Abdulmumin Giwa

In my open letter to Gov Nasiru Elrufai of Kaduna state calling on him not to gamble with the lives of innocent students kidnapped from the Federal College of Forestry Mechanization, Kaduna, I was able to explain why the government must negotiate with the kidnappers to free the students.

I observed that some individuals were set to fight against the points raised in the letter claiming that I should rather call on the government and put pressure on it to go for rescue mission even as the ruthless terrorists have declared that they will kill them if such is attempted.

Such nativity was introduced to still mislead the public from the truth of the matter. The government has not fought to stop the crime and they want it to fight and engage in a rescue mission thereby subjecting the lives of the victims to risk.

Why rescue mission? Why not fight against the crime itself? Where is all the money invested in the fight against insecurity? Why is insecurity increasing on daily basis even as the President has said kidnapping of students will never happen again? Why would anyone be interested in gambling with the lives of the innocent students?

If the government can be spending billions of Naira in the name of fighting insecurity without anything to show, why will it then not spend it in saving the lives of innocent citizens kidnapped by gunmen?

Definitely those rascals kidnapping innocent people are not joking when they threaten to kill them all? They don’t have value for human life at all to the extent that killing the 37 students they kidnapped means nothing to them. If one has ever witnessed how they wipe out villages killing women, children and the aged, and even their animals, he will understand how devilish they are?

Nigerians should be asking why terrorism is even taking place in the country and not why ransom should be paid by government to save the lives of those kidnapped as a result?

If the government cannot stop the crime from taking place, despite investing huge amounts of money, there is no reason whatsoever it cannot spend money to rescue the lives of innocent citizens that are victims of its inability to curb the crime.

If the government had done what is expected of it and wiped out insecurity, nobody will be a victim of kidnapping.

Hence, if anybody is kidnapped then the government must be held responsible for the life and safe return of the person kidnapped to his family.

Let the government fight the crime and not to gamble with the lives of innocent citizens to seek cheap political scores.

If the government is interested in bringing insecurity to an end it will do it within a stipulated period of time but it doesn’t seem to be. No one can be stronger than the authority, I can assure you of that.

So, as we lend our voices to ensure the safe return of the kidnapped students from Federal College of Forestry Mechanization, Kaduna, Nigerians should rise and lend their voices to the call on the Nigerian government to honestly fight against insecurity and not to want to see how innocent lives are wasted to achieve some stupid political ambitions.