The Church has decided to venerate Michael Nnadi as Blessed

The Church has decided to venerate Michael Nnadi as Blessed

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Feb 13, 2021 10:35 PM

This is really good news for us Nigerians as we are gradually venturing into having two blessed, “Blessed Cyprian Michael Tansi and Blessed Nnadi Michael” Recently, the Vatican City has included Nnadi Among those to be venerated as blessed. What really happened to Michael Nnadi?

Michael Nnadi was among the four Seminarians of Good Shepherd Seminary Kaduna that was kidnapped.Unfortunately for Nnadi, he was murdered. When the culprits that perpetrated the art was caught one of them by name Mustapha Mohammed Known as Mairutuwa, confessed that he murdered the boy because of his boldness in preaching the word of God to them.

According to him, he revealed that the boy was consistently preaching that he will perish if he refuses to accept Christ and repent for his evil doings. These statements made the Kidnappers to send him to his early grave.

The Church in Vatican is set to proclaim him as a blessed. He is to be categorized among the martyred Christians for the sake of Christ.

Let us do well to emulate the good steps of this two individuals “Tansi and Nnadi” for the glory of God.