Kaduna: Life story of extra-marital child bearing lady with 9 children from different men

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By Achadu Gabriel, Kaduna

A young but fine looking girl who has already given birth to 9 children for different men was recently uncovered.

Unshakeble, the indigenes of the Kaduna state who may be the first to break the record among her equals remains historic, newsy and incomparable for now as far as available knowledge is concern.
Slim, tall and fair in complexion, the lady who was sighted in a local palmwine joint in Television village in Kaduna South local government area of Kaduna state lost her father recently.

Name withheld, the easy looking sexy lady is not even the owner of the off-liesce where she was found working and chilling, but a service lady in the joint popularly known as “Glass House Park (GHP).

The joint combines both beers and palmwine (liquor.)and has both old and young customers from within and outside television village where it’s locate and operating

While in the area on the fateful evening and focusing on the lady, a friend and old customer of the joint becomed on me and wanted to know what’s taken my attention on her.

From his reach background information about the balance gap- toothed lady, it was perhaps abvious that my friend too must have also had a nice night out time with the lady in question.
In a captivating look at the girl, my informant hinted that “I’m telling you that, that lady has given birth to 9 childem for different men and only three out of 9 belong to a man.

Even though I could not control my surprised screening, I still demanded to know why the father of her three children could not married the mother of his three kids? My friend bursted into laughter before answering my question.

After a few minutes pause, he replied that, the guy later discovered that she had three other kids for three other men before he got into relationship with her and “immediately quit

“Perhaps the lady was housed for some years by the guy before he got to know that she’s a flirt”, my friend said.

Another regular customer with us decided to chip in something and confirmed that the lady lost count of fathers of her children and most times could not even remembered who impregnated her in most cases.
“Somebody who use to have sex anywhere even in under rain, shade in the midst of few including wake keeping, as far as something will fall into her pocket after chilling up with beers”, he said.

In most cases, when she’s high and drunk, “she gives it almost free when it’s down on her toto catch fun, even in the feast and ceremonies, according to those who knows her very closely and we’ll.

In summary, it may interest you to know that even at the 9th birth, she is still lookingl young and attractive and has just nutured another baby who is about 2-3yests old now for yet another man.
The surviving father of the lady in question, (name withheld) allegedly died recently of high blood pressure. Before his death, the sympathetic looking man was the one providing love, care and food for the feeding of 6 fatherless children of his daughter in this harsd economy.
That’s not all, it was also learnt that she gave birth to six of the chicken on the account of the father and her own without any input from those responsible for the pregnancy as most of them would always denied.

“Out of ignorant she will another one if one denied and continuously”, the friend stated, adding that “only three have one father, the rest leave and feed on their ground parents.
The story of the mother is yet another episode for another day. The children’s mother only contributed in very little support for their feeding only a day when a man hit hard on her with Money after occasional outing.
The randy admirable sex scapade is not done yet as she has returned to base after the last of her fatherless female child begins to walk, and therefore now to awaiting for another eventuality.