Deal with the Govt if it offended you, CAN Chairman tells the bandits

…You are kidnapping wrong people
… Nigeria is suffering because of so much lies.

By Achadu Gabriel, Kaduna

The Chairman Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) Kaduna State, Rev.Joseph John Hayap said Nigerians are suffering in their country because of so much lies.

He also enjoined Kidnappers and Bandits to stop kidnapping and killing innocent Nigerians and deal with government if it’s the one that offended them.

The Chairman made the assertions in an address at the special prayer session held in kaduna Albarka church for victims of abduction, leaders, security agencies, churches and against insecurity in kaduna and Nigeria.

CAN expressed surprised over abduction of redeemed Evangelists as well as Afaka 39 students in kaduna and circumstances surrounding the acclaimed rescued of 180 students, adding that the world knows the students escaped abductors themselves.

Mixed with English and Hausa-language, Hayap lauded that “The reason why we’re suffering so much in this country is because lies are too much.
The Chairman also lauded saying, “Kidnappers, if your hearing me, non of us here have an issue with you, Our problem with you is that stop kidnapping us. If governments have offended you go and deal with them and leave us alone. We’ve not carry your cow, we’ve no business with anything your agitating for. So why tormenting us?.

Rev. Hayap also prayed that those who have taken Kidnapping as a good business, would be exposed by God if they refused to quit it “in Jesus name.
Explaining further, he said “In the morning of next day, the Afaka students who escaped abductors came back including those from town and gather to commenserate with the affected. They gathered and counted them and said they rescue 180. How can you treat your citizens like that.

“If we’re the one that did that, they’ll say we’re enemies of government. I told my secretary that the students are confessing that nobody rescue them. If you want to safe the country, safe them with truth”, he lamented.
Hayap further quoted that “The Bible said that we shall know the truth and the truth shall set your free. But if you tell lies… You all know the answers.

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