No group in Nigeria should contemplate seceding with our Commonwealth – Prof Ango warns

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By Achadu Gabriel, Kaduna

Northern leader have finally hit the nail on the head, warning that no group of Nigeria should contemplate ceding with the commonwealth of the country.

The leader equally urged those group threatening to walked out of the union of one Nigeria should go back and read the country’s history again, adding that they’ve all contributed to the development of every inch of Nigeria.
This remarks was made by Convener of Northern Elders Forum (NEF) Prof Ango Abdullah at the Northern People’s Summit held in Kaduna on Wednesday.
Prof Ango also however said the north do not see secession
solution for any grievance, “and we strongly advise our national leadership to take threats with all the seriousness they deserve.

In the remark presented by NEF Director of Publicity, Hakeem Baba Ahmed on behalf of Prof Ango Abdullahi, he also state that the sentiment which demolished Northerners and left them open to attack would not weigh much in their…. as leaders under whom they’ll feel safe and secured.

“Its not acceptable that innocent northerners should be made pawns in political games because political elie calot Win support of ther people without yielding grounds to thugs and political minions to in
“lt is not acceptable that any Northerner should protect crimina whether he operates in the North or South, and it is equally tunacceptable that
who are not ivolved in criminal activities should be profiled, demonized mure
expelled from communities,

“It is not acceptable that the state should tolerate growing irredentism whin
communities hostage and threaten national security.

“The North wants peace, :
and economic progress. We believe that it is possible to achieve these in a strong
Nigeria. We do not need to apologise to any group for this, and we will express:
opinion if that is what is best for the North.
“The North has paid a huge price survival and uity of Nigeria, and will continue to support this survival and unit
degree that it serves everyone’s interests.
“We are naturally worried over al rhetorics suggesting serious elite polarization and failure of the state to addres elements
that garantee our co-existence”, he said

NEF, in the summit held at Arewa house, said “The North has its issues with Nigeria, but we believe they will be best addressed by Nigerians agreeing to collaborate and find solutions to them, as well as those of other regions.

He also stated that “Groups that threaten to walk out of this union should read our history”, pointing out that “We have all contributed to the development of every inch of Nigeria, and no
should contemnlate ceding with our commonwealth.

“We do not see secession
solution for any grievance, and we strongly advise our national leadership to take
threats with all the seriousness they deserve*, he stated.

Heowever noted that the two day Summit wiould be most useful if it elevated the concept and practice of just and the foundational principles that should lead to the resolution of the most the challenges that confront “our nation today. Virtually all communities and
parties in Nigeria point to the absence of justice in the manner they relate with
other or the Nigerian state.

” No country can survive with injustice. If ours will over
its challenges ad grow to meet the yearnings of future generations, it has to redisc
the place of justice as the foundation of all our systems and relations. I earnestly i
that this Sammit will contribute to the search for major entry points for this endeav
Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen, these are indeed very trying times for
” But we have had trying times in the past, and we overcome them.. Bashir Today, Alhaji Bugaje and many other prominent core Northerners present at the summit.

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