Commitee reports on bandits Killings indict 5 Emirs, 27 District heads, Military, Police in Zamfara

Commitee reports on bandits Killings indict 5 Emirs, 27 District heads, Military, Police in Zamfara

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..Why bandits killings will not end

By Achadu Gabriel,, Kaduna

The reports of the committee set up to investigate the reasons and causes of attacks, Kidnap, abduction and killings by bandits submitted to the Zamfara State government has been protrude and exposed.

Tagged: MD Yusuf Committee”, the report of the body set up by Zamfara State Governor Dr. Bello Muhammadu Matawalle to investigate the reasons for bandits killings despite the negotiations allegedly indicted five Emirs ,27 District heads, Military and Police officers in the state.

Making the revelations in an interview in Kaduna the national coordinator of APC Concerned Youth of Nigeria, Dr. Suleiman Shuaibu Shinkafi also said the Governor’s refusal to make the reports findings public as promised further destroyed his only chances for wining the heart of the people for 2023.

Shinkafi who is also an indigenes of the State lamented that the killings by bandits continued to take place in Zamfara uptill date despite purported negotiation with the insurgence by the state.

Dr. Shinkafi said the setting up of the committee was the only good thing the Governor did in the state under his regime but his refusal the execute the reports destroyed his good intension.
He said “The damage has been done, as we speaks, killings, abductions are still taking place in Zamfara State.

“MD Yusuf committee set up by the Governor of Zamfara State to investigate the reasons for the Killings by bandits was commendable. But he refused to implement the committee reports.
He destroyed the good plan, for refusing to execute the reports.
“The committee reports said 5 Emirs are invoved in the Bandits Killings and one Emir was involved in the kiling of one person mentioned; 27 “dekechi” District heads involved.
“The military, Police are also involved in the report that sat for about 4 months their lives travelling to villages and came up with the reports.
“Matawalle promised to execute the reports when completed but up till today did not as the report is still locked and key and those indicted are still leaders in the various communities and are still walking on the street free and that’s why bandits killings and abductions will not finish in Zamfara State”, he lamented.

Accordingt to Shinkafi who spoke to out Correspondent also at the end of the press briefing, in his Kaduna resident, until the governor executed the committees reports to the later Killings and abduciion by bandits in Zamfara will not end.