PMB, A Blessing In Disguise

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By Dr. Sunny Oby Maduka

Entertainment Saturday Special.

Before you jump to conclusions, I want you to read this piece with a matured mental alertness.

Before now, I had thought that PMB’S enthronement has a mixed effect, but now, I have grown up to understand the Divine hands in hoisting him as our president.

It’s for all Nigerians to think about the true character posture of a leader rather than focusing on our tribal and religious differences or sentiments.

Before now, I have read about Uthman Dan Fodio as a historical reference, but today, it has dawned on me why Ilorin now has an Emir instead of an Oba.

Before, I heard that the Fulanis were very good herdsmen with resilience attitudes to migrations, but today, they are not only herders, but a people with conquering power in wherever they lay claim to possess.

PMB’S ENTHRONEMENT has opened my eyes, and I am now beginning to wonder that the fairytale of the Hausas being conquered by the Fulanis is no more a fluke.

The aborted coup of RUGA was all that I read to understand that sooner than later, my children will be hearing that once upon a time, there was a King called the OBI of ONITSHA. Then, the children will be hearing of EMIR OF ONITSHA.

Today, in our 1999 Constitution, nothing of Christianity was mentioned, but Islamic religion dotted many clauses, and yet, like morons, we tend to dream of a country under the tenet of secularism.

Today, Nigeria is more vocal in the OIC conglomerate, and as people under a spell, we are still alive to the illusion of secularism.

PMB is truly a blessing to me because I have seen practical nepotistic democracy being exhibited with impunity.
Take for example, the petroleum equalization fund membership composition of 84, 13 was allocated to the entire South, whereas the North got 71 allocations despite not being oil producing zone.

PMB is a blessing because I can now understand that it’s better to destroy your country’s healthcare and educational systems so as to travel abroad for estacodes and leadership egoism.
You can see that human lives are less valuable when compared with the cows. A situation that has triggered mindless slaughtering, homes and farms destructions, raping and the offshoots of IDP CAMPS.

PMB has helped many of us to appreciate a leadership principle that hinges on old school friends, tribal acquaintances and religious sentiments.

Does it matter anymore when most of our leadership architectures have become a clear case of the Fulanis versus the rest of Nigerians?

We are entrapped in an eulogy of confusion hence the very best of our core leadership portfolios are the exclusive reserves for the Fulanis.

Take a routine task of reflecting on the military or security, Judiciary, NASS, NNPC, NCS, NPA, FIRS heads, and still tell me that PMB’S tenure has not been a blessing in disguise.

It’s very unfortunate that the South and Middle Belters are still confused, and we need not blame them.

The lopsided state creations have messed up their bargaining powers.

Before 1963, we have four regions that were operating as near self- governments. Suddenly, the military took over and not only unified the regions but without any constitutional authority, created many states.

Most of these states that were created were the HANDIWORK of the Northern Heads of States. Cleverly, the four regions were divided into 37 states (including FCT). Out of the 37, 20 states came out of one single region – North, whereas the other three regions were pathetically given 17 states.
If we add Niger Republic, the North will be 21 states impliedly.

Till date, no one has challenged that absurdity of state creations and the subtle inclusion of Niger Republic as part of the present Nigeria make up.

It was even more insulting for anyone to tell me that landmass should be a variable in state creation. That means that Texas and California states would have been divided into probably 20 states because of their landmass.

To date, all the Southern leaders are bemoaning their pains internally.

By the present structure of Nigeria, the North will always dictate everything about the wellbeing of Nigeria and Nigerians. Invariably, we are all a conquered territory under implied Caliphate manipulations.

Have you wondered why most Southern leaders who want to be recognized in the polite of Nigeria will never speak against the obnoxious laws of PMB?
The truth is that they are stooges, awaiting the Northern elite endorsements.

These Southern leaders will prefer to trade the lives of their people than confronting PMB.

You have seen how everyone remained quiet when PMB single-handedly appointed Usman as an Acting IGP without the police commission meeting or recommendation.

Indeed, PMB is a blessing to most Nigerians who can sell our principles at the detriment of the masses.

In an ideal environment, PMB would have been reminded of certain issues by NASS, but unfortunately, NASS has equally been annexed by the presidency.

Today, BokoHaramists, Bandits and slaughters are rampaging, and of course, we were told to be lenient with them.

In fact, we were told to hand them over to the police whenever we catch any of them.

What an irony!

A man who has been asked to surrender his weapon fighting a man who is priding himself with Ak 47.

Who’s supposed to catch the other?

Today, we have seen where terrorists are treated as VIPS and their victims neglected.

Today, there were killings in Anambra, Enugu, Asaba, Ibadan, Ondo, Benue, Plateau, and other places, but that was the best time for PMB to travel for medical checkups.

The heinous crime happened in Imo State recently where police headquarters was attacked, and prison inmates released.

From abroad, PMB knew that the attack was the handiwork of terrorists, and collaborated by former IGP Adamu, who categorically pointed an accusing finger on IPOB even when IPOB denied any involvement. Meanwhile, the massive massacre in Ebonyi State by alleged herdsmen incursions was never a terrorist attack.
Clearly, we are beginning to have an idea about the true PATRONS of Miyyetti Allah and HERDSMEN.
The arithmetic accuracy of 97% and 5% has been authenticated with impunity.

“We have seen the best of our leaders’ stewardships and of course, we are beneficiaries of what we have planted.” DSM.

Let me conclude with a reflexive explanation to this piece submission in a simple INCOME and EXPENDITURE outlook of PMB’S Stewardship appointments and effects.

Income (Major Revenue Earning Establishments – HEADS)

1) NNPC – Fulani

2) FIRS – Fulani

3) NCS – Fulani

4) NPA – Fulani

Expenditure (Major Revenue outflows/Expenses Sectors – HEADS)

1) Defence – Fulani

2) Finance – Fulani

3) Education – Fulani

4) Justice – Fulani

5) FCT – Fulani

6) Agriculture – Fulani

7) Police Affairs – Fulani

  1. Aviation – Fulani

9) Communication – Fulani

10) Power – Fulani

11) Water resources – Fulani

12) Humanitarian affairs – Fulani

13) FERMA – Fulani

14) NYSC – Fulani

15) PTDF – Fulani

16) NTA – Fulani

17) FAAN – Fulani

18) INEC – Fulani

19) Loads of others

Anti-corruption Agencies

20) EFCC – Fulani

21) ICPC – Fulani

22) NFIU – Fulani

If there’s nothing you can take out from my piece, just remember that PMB’S tenure has exposed many Nigerians to ask questions about the future of Nigeria.
It has equally exposed us to the enormous power of a president who is more or less, a supreme being that must not be questioned.

Of course, we have come to the uttermost understanding that tribal and religious sentiments are part of our governance policies.

Last but not the least, Nigerians eyes have been opened and they are clamouring for the restructuring of Nigeria.

The call has never been in this alarming rate, and they’re pointing their accusing fingers on a deformed document that we referred to as our Constitution.

Thank you, PMB for being our president, and now most of us have come to understand that Nigeria has been mismanaged under a faulty foundation and unpatriotic governments.


As you answer, please remember that I come in PEACE.

Dr. Sunny Oby Maduka (DSM), is an Author, Resource Personality, Management Consultant/Trainer, Chartered/Certified -Auditor/ Accountant, Financial Compliance Expert, Economic/Political Analyst Strategist, Marine Expert and Motivationist)

(Independent Newspaper)

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