Nigeria: Rethorics that binds and binds

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By Elempe Dele

In 2014, during a seminar in Kaduna, covered by Vanguard Newspaper, General Buhari said he was fully committed to Sharia and its implementation sweeping the whole country. That was after the then Zamfara, Sani Yerima, who was also a paedophile, a fanatic and later a regular visitor to EFCC, declared that his state was now going to be under strick Sharia law followed by other 9 northen. Buhari, who is a known for his politics of hate, using religious zealotry to marry into political opportunities, a union of convinience that gives birth to monsters that stop at nothing but orgies of killing, made himself an incidental suppression of our secularism through his religious jingoistic statement. These to me are rethorics by leaders that binds those with the same faith and also blinds them to the truth.

As a matter of fact, the problem is not solely religion but fanatism. However, we cannot exonerate religion of the responsibility to stop all these attached rethorics. Most times, religion unleashes these monstrous births for the context for power. Today, Nigeria is trapped in the killing zone of religious fanatics and there is no mechanism to repudiate the act even by the facilitators like Buhari and Patami.

Yes, in making such combustible remarks by the self righteous Buhari, and Patami, what was at stake was tolerance. Today, fanatism has aggressively expanded in Nigeria that was a traditionally tolerant and balanced state, which has become global concern before and after the blowing of the World Trade Center, WTC.

We must all agree Nigeria is a secular state, not a religious one. In the secular state, thoughts about the real world are given rational thoughts and logic hold sway. Alternative views are allowed. Under the theocratic order however, which derives it’s authority from secret places of revelation, the disposition to ask rational and logical questions is made futile by pious submission to the infallibility of the religion. This is so because it is believed that it’s authority is from the spiritual – only a few clerics and seers or the chosen have the privilege to penetrate the mind of the unknown Supreme Being and only these people can interprete the scriptures. So the believers, especially the fanatic, who is born from this total submission is the most dangerous animal on earth. So to kill in the name of God is the ultimate alternative achievement of the fanatic after worship. The AK 47 used in killing villagers by Boko Haram was forged in the same blacksmith anvil as the knife that was used to kill the young Seminarian, Michael Nnadi, there in Kaduna two years ago. A death that wrought two emotive poems off me.

We must use this very opportunity to silent those who whenever there is an anger and outright condemnation linked to their religion immediately raise cries of bais, religious hatred, profiling, conspiring attempts against their religion as if they wish their faith should be immuned from commentary.

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