B/Haram, Bandits capture over 100 communities in S/Kaduna- SOKAPU

B/Haram, Bandits capture over 100 communities in S/Kaduna- SOKAPU

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…Say’s Niger is minute

By Achadu Gabriel, Kaduna

Southern Kaduna peoples Union (SOKAPU) said the number of communities captured in Southern kaduna by coalition of Boko Haram terrorists and armed herdsmen is over 100 compared to Niger state.

SOKAPU in a statement on Tuesday recalled that the Governor of Niger State, Abubakar Bello on Monday raised alarmed that part of Niger state has been captured by the Islamic extremist terror group, the Boko Haram.
SOKAPU, in a statement signed by its spokesman Mr. Luka Binniyat stated that Niger state government captured place fall far below compared to what’s obtainable in Southern kaduna.
SOKAPU stated that “The widening of the corridor of terror and the creation of more ungoverned spaces in Kaduna state, particularly in Southern Kaduna, should give every normal thinking resident of Kaduna state sleepless nights.

“The governor of Niger State, Abubakar Bello on Monday raised alarmed that part of Niger state has been captured by the Islamic extremist terror group, Boko Haram.
“He said that the group even hoisted its flag on a community called Kaure in Shiroro Local Government Area (LGA) of Niger State.

“This is consistent with the cry of SOKAPU that over 100 communities of Southern Kaduna have been captured and its inhabitant terrorised away after which the invaders (that surviving victims always identify as armed Fulani herdsmen) took over.
“Our Adara and Gbagyi members of Kajuru and Chikun LGA, who are the major ethnic groups in Kaduna Central Senatorial Zones have suffered the most.
“From the concerns of the governor, it would seem that these armed herdsmen may have formed an alliance with Boko Haram to step up the violence unleashed on Chikun LGA especially the huge swath of lands that connects Kuriga, Kunai, Chikun, and Kakau Wards in Kaduna State to Shiroro and Kuta LGAs of Niger State.
“We have severally mentioned in that since 2020, at least 45 Gbagyi communities in Chikun LGA bordering Niger State have been captured and occupied by violent armed men.
Today the list of sacked communities in Southern Kaduna that are contiguous to Kaure in Niger State are on the increase.
“While it took about two years to displaced the 45 earlier mentioned communities, the following were displaced within the past two weeks”, it lamented.

SOKAPU stated that in Gwagwada ward in chikun local government area of kaduna state alone, those displaced are Katarma, Anguwa Tawal, Gudani, Kankona, Anguwa paymaster, Anguwa Pada, Kofa, kugosi, Five thirty, Jankasa, Kopi, kajari, Azongo, Madaki, Sabon Gida, Mandaki, Unguwa woya, kolipe.

According to SOKAPU, in Kuriga and kakau Ward,
Manini, Gona Lema as well as Rimin Kaso, Kurmin Kaso, Shegi (Janwuriya) Kaso, Wakwo Kaso, have also been displaced and capture.

“The estimated number of IDPs here are about 15,000.
These communities that have been captured and are under the full control of these criminals, when merged with the ones under the control of Boko Haram in Niger State maybe half the size of Imo State if not more.

“And already they are inching close to Kaduna metropolis: The communities of Kaso, which are their newest conquest, is about 3km from Mararaban Rido – a densely populated suburb of Kaduna town about 7km from Kaduna State Government House”, it stated.
The Union also stated that the brazen impunity with which these outlaws operated is shocking and getting scarier, desecration of churches would not be accepted.

“Though hundreds of churches have been burnt or destroyed and abandoned in these areas, last Sunday’s attack on peaceful, harmless congregation of Haske Baptist Church, Manini, in Kuriga ward is most appalling and condemn able.

“The desecration of the church and the cold blooded murder of a medical doctor, Dr Zakaria Dogon Yaro and the abduction of his daughter, Rose Zakariya and three others was an attempt to incite and spark a religious riot.
“But our members would never be driven to do that and SOKAPU hails the law abiding and peaceful nature of the Gbagyi people. The number of persons killed or kidnapped in Southern Kaduna is too dizzying to keep a close tap on.
“Apart from top government officials and their families that are guaranteed security in Kaduna state, everyone seems to hand his fate to the Almighty Creator”, it noted.
The Union also stated that “Its on record that Governor Nasir el-Rufai has never visited any attacked community in Southern Kaduna nor send any form of relieve materials from 2015 till date.
“Though some people see the daily Kaduna State Government press statements detailing the carnage in Kaduna state as cynical and even jeering to the relations of victims, it seems to be the only way that Kaduna State communicates its war against the war confronting the state.
SOKAPU strongly expressed their appreciation and gratitude to the hospitality and welfare that Gov. Abubakar Bello of Niger State has offered our Gbagyi members who escaped the mayhem in Chikun LGA to neighboring Niger State.
“His provision of security to them at their IPD camps, his words of encouragement and relieve materials is something that SOKAPU will always acknowledge and cherish. End

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