Remi Tinubu: Present and Future Danger?

Remi Tinubu: Present and Future Danger?

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By Elempe Dele

“Are you in PDP? Are you a wolf in sheep’s clothing?”

I think we must applaud the incoming First Lady of the Federal Republic of Nigeria for her total disdain for truth and the reality of things in Nigeria where she would be managing with her husband, Bola Tinubu, as from 2023. We must understand the reason for her diatribe against Senator Smart Adeyemi, who decried the sorry situation in Nigeria and called the president to act by seeking external help, among others. We can’t blame her; the sacrosanctity of her husband’s ambition is part of the ghost following her. She has to be politically correct all the time to avoid the cancel culture which the Buhari’s administration is known for. If the truth is said and she is not seen to be defending the indespensible president, won’t her husband’s ambition to rule over a devastated people be terminated? Won’t it be better not to talk about the poverty stricken victims plunderings and killings if in its denial the reality of it will varnish? Are the dead her burden? Are the poor her own? Is she to take responsibilities for farmers who can’t go to their farms or for the soldiers that die daily in battlefields? Is the war against Boko Haram her war? What’s her business with traveller’s fears? The hunter does not envy the palm-wine tapper.

Remi Tinubu’s life is not like that of a common village woman in Shiroro who had been snapped from her husband and shared to a bandit for marriage against her will. Remi Tinubu’s life is not like that of the southern Kaduna woman who’s husband had been murdered, her child thrown into blazing fire while she must find peace with sorrow forever. Remi Tinubu is not the ordinary woman who would ever travel the long stretch of road from Lagos to Abuja with kidnappers dens dotting the highways. Remi Tinubu would never be kidnapped, humiliated, assaulted and violated. Remi Tinubu is not within the poverty line where she would ever seek for food or thumb some from waste bins as Nigerians have turned to.

You must know about Remi Tinubu: Remi Tinubu is the irreplaceable senator from Lagos State. Remi Tinubu is the deeply insensitive wife of Bola Tinubu who might be as wealthy as Lagos State. Remi Tinubu is the one that will fly her husband’s private jet bombardier anywhere she goes, so won’t know how it feels to be killed or kidnapped in Nigeria. People get emotional about things that bother them, her life is not in danger.

Remi Tinubu care less about the things that Smart Adeyemi in all of us cares about. Remi Tinubu does not need to be sensitive; she will win her election there in Lagos again whether you like her disposition or not. Remi Tinubu hates those who speak truth to power. We can recall her several spats with senators, fighting the likes of Dino literally.

Remi Tinubu has made a clear statement by politicizing the security situation in the most mundane way anyone can ever think for. Ahead of 2023 presidential election, Remi Tinubu spoke like a charlatan, has unequivocally made it clear she is a danger now and would be in the future.

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