Shiekh Bauchi urges Muslims to accept Covid-19 Vaccine

By Acadia Gabriel, Kaduna

A Renowned Islamic Scholar, Sheikh (Dr) Dahiru Usman Bauchi has called on Muslims to accept covid-19 vaccination for their health benefits.

This Islamic scholar made the call at his Kaduna resident while speaking at Ramadan breakfast organized by an NGO Journalists Against Polio (JAP).

He said “Covid-19 is real, so far I have been vaccinated and I urged the Muslims to make themselves available for the covid-19 vaccination”.

He described corona virus disease as a global problem which required the support of all.

Sheikh Bauchi urged the Muslim Umma to ensure the use of face masks, hands washing and other corona virus precautions with a view to ensuring effectiveness and safety.

The Islamic Scholar promised to support covid-19 activities in all forms so as to end the disease in Nigeria in particular and the world in general.

Sheikh Bauchi also spoke on Lassa fever, meningitis, Diarrhea, Avian influenza among others, saying that health authorities and health workers need to do more with a view to achieving the desired result.

In his remarks, the JAP coordinator, Kaduna State Chapter, Alhaji Lawal Dogara commended the Islamic scholar Sheikh (Dr) Dahiru Usman Bauchi for being at the forefront of propagating health issues in his sermons/preaching, and urged the Muslims to abide by such wise counsel. End

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