Kaduna Group lunches “Learning to live together Campaign” to strengthening Christian-Muslims relationships

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A head of United Nation – world international day of living together in peace and harmony May 16, A non-governmental organization that promote peace and unity of the Nigeria (Peace revival and reconciliation foundation of Nigeria) has commences 2 weeks Campaigns in kaduna state north-western Nigeria with the aims of promoting religious tolerance, peace and unity , better understanding among different faith base organization.

Stressing that the 2 weeks Campaigns is to promote Christians-muslims relations in order to have a better society that can make Nigeria great again , and to promotes peace, tolerance, inclusion, understanding and solidarity to all mankind.

The national president of the organization pastor yohanna buru make the statement when he visited some Muslims leaders at Rigasa community-in Igabi local Government of the state during an interaction meeting between muslims and Christians clerics to enhance good friendship.

He said,the essence of the United Nation international day of living together in peace and harmony is to strengthening relationship and promote peaceful co-existance among all mankind across the planet with the aims of bringing an end to all forms of crisis,hatred, while promoting love ,forgiveness and togetherness

Nigeria been the giant of Africa is bless with over 200 milliion of people with different tribe,culture and languages adding that its important to learnt how to accommodate,tolerate and live with each other irrespective of our socio-cultural difference which include tribe,culture,color,seizes, etc

climate change, poverty, gender inequality, insecurity ,political instability,farmers/hearders conflict ,ecological challenges and unemployment threaten peaceful co-existence and sustainable development across Africa, hence the need to unite and embrace peace in our land.

The theme of the 2 weeks event” The learning to live together in peace and harmony in kaduna state”

Living together in peace is all about accepting differences and having the ability to listen to, recognize, respect and appreciate others, as well as living in a peaceful and united way.

The 2 weeks event is aims at upholding the desire to live and act together, united in differences and diversity, in order to build a sustainable world of peace, solidarity and harmony.

According to him ,some of the activities his organization is trying to organize in other neighboring states of northern Nigeria is to further promote reconciliation,and to help to ensure peace and sustainable development, including by working with communities, faith leaders and other relevant actors, through reconciliatory measures and acts of service and by encouraging forgiveness and compassion among individuals.

Adding that Living together in peace is about accepting differences and having the ability to listen to, recognize and respect others. That is why the International Day of Living Together in Peace aims to promote peace, moderation, tolerance, inclusion, understanding and solidarity

“our target is promote Christians-muslims relations across the state while taking the campaign to both rural and urbans center on living together”

“we would sensitizes youths,women and persons with disability on ways to be accommodating each other to poster in their communities”

Further more Learning to live together entails a development and understanding of ourserves and others , which leads to interdependence and peaceful, conjoint and intelligent responses to the world’s challenges

He called on Global Citizenship education integrates the principles of living together and teaches learners to respond to global and local issues through the spirit of cooperation and interdependence.

while calling on parents and guardians to always education their childrens love and tolerance,he equally urged Nigerians to shun fake news on the social media,while calling on authourity to be regularting all network in order to avert spreading of romour in the society

Responding one of the Islamic sheick mustapha rigasa ,expressed happiness for the visit and vowed to help spread the message of the 2 weeks Campaign to other Islamic scholars across the region

Sani enphasisesd on the need to be our brother keeper,and called on all Nigerian clerics to be promoting peace and unity

While calling on prayers for our Nigerian army at war front,he equally appealed to all Nigeria citizens to support all the security with prayers in all their operations

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