NFC, NBS Signs MOU to Improve Film Industry.

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By Bashir Bello  

Dr. Chidia Maduekwe, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Nigeria Film Corporation, NFC has said that the collaboration between the NFC and the Nigeria Bureau of Statistics, NBS is a landmark achievement that will enhance the growth and productivity of the film industry in the country as well contribute immensely to the creation of over 100 million jobs for Nigerians.

Mr Maduekwe spoke at the inaugural ceremony of NFC/NBS partnership at the Office of the Statistician General of the Federation on 4 May 2021.

He highlighted the numerous bebefoe that the collaboration owill afford Nigerians as;

Facilitating the planning and decision-making process within the film industry, formation of appropriate policies for the growth of the film industry, provision of a guide for international and local investors  and encouraging active participation of banks and other financial organizations in bankrolling the sector.

The NFC boss further stated that the academia and other research organizations would also get reliable data to help in their reaserches.

In his welcome address, the Statiscian General of the Federation and CEO of the NBS, Dr.Yemi Kale commended the management of the NFC for coming up with the planned collaboration.

The NBS for said that the film industry in Nigeria is growing at an unimaginable rate creating employment opportunities for old and young Nigerians. He also added that with the aid of modern technology and social media, Nigerian films are being watched worldwide.

Dr. Kale explained that with the proper use of data, the film sector in the country would attract more investment hence the need for the memorandum of understanding between the NFC and NBS.

He revealed further that the MOU encompases three main aspect namely; Statistical data  frameworks for the Nigerian film industry- this is to get reliable data. and and capacity building for the film industry as well as production of a compendium.

He further added the film industry would be greatly improved when all these aspects are put together.