Stop blaming the Media for intolerable insecurity in Nigeria

Stop blaming the Media for intolerable insecurity in Nigeria

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Stop Blaming The Media For The Nocturnal Activities And killing Sprees Caused by Mytte Allah And President Mohammed Buhari Administration: A Rejoinder To Ahmed Kedira Rhetorics On Negative Media Reporting On The Precarious Security Situation in Nigeria, By David Adenekan.

To start with, the recent Kedira Ahmed’s audio clip may be a nice piece to many listeners but her rhetorics on negative media coverage on the precarious security situation in Nigeria is already belated and far from the truth.

All the references she made in her audio clip to countries like southern sudan, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Rwanda and Central Africa Republic about the consequences of war, are of no relevance at this point because we are almost in a state of war and I strongly doubt if Nigeria will survive a second civil war. Yes, what a biased and belated rhetorics indeed!

One, is kedira Ahmed saying this is another fake news? Are we in another Trump era when everything that the press was covering about the gangsterism, insensitivity and leadership style of erstwhile President of the United States of America, Donald Trump was tagged “Fake News” until it led to a bloody insurrection that claimed five innocent lives and injured hundreds of people at the Capitol Hill?

PMB and his government is a (FAO),(Failure At Onset).

In other words, some of us were able to perceive not the Foul or the Fowl odor but the other ( FAO ), (Failure At Onset) smell of General Mohammed Buhari (as prefixed by Punch National Newspaper) prior to 2015.

Ahmed Kadaria should be reminded of the divisive 95 and 7 percent remark of GMB in the United States prior to taking office about those who voted and who did not vote for him.

Methinks the war against a united Nigeria and our democracy started at the inception of Buhari administration when he recklessly started using his executive power to censor the freedom of press by invading some of the media houses and detained some of their editors. Did Buhari not desecrate the Judiciary as an institution by removing the chief justice of the federation without following the due process?

Some of the human right activists like Omoyele Showore, Deji Adeyanju and Ebun Adegboruwa, SAN were not spared from his iron fist.They got their fingers burnt. Were they not beaten up and detained for championing the cause of the masses in a democracy?

Where was Kedira Ahmed during this period? The list goes on……

Two, did her audio clip address the fundamental cause of the issues at hand?

Yes, Mohammed Buhari and his cabal are the real problem, and not many of the journalists that she claimed in her audio clip. When a fish head is rotten, the body becomes an eyesore. 80% of what are reported in the news today about the dangerous security situation vis a vis terrorism are nothing but the truth.

If insinuation were to be an offense under law, Kadaria Ahmed is already guilty of insinuation by putting all the blames of a highly irresponsible president on the media.

In addition, it is far from the truth for Kediria Ahmed to assert that negative media reporting is escalating the multi – sectorial crisis in the country. Many of us whom I can vouch for are principled and conscious minded as regards sensationalism in news reportage and will not compromise strict adherence to the rules and ethics of journalism. Therefore, we have no choice but to verify and report the news as it is.

Suffice to say that a good journalist will not call a black sheep, a white sheep .

Moreover, the country is already at the brink of civil war and the real problem was electing a Jihadist and fulani terrorist, Mohammed Buhari as President. A news report had the number of attacks as a result of banditry, kidnapping, Boko Haram and other criminal activities in the country in the month of April stood at 45 with death toll in the hundreds .

Also, I suspect Kedira Ahmed will not want to talk about the complicity of Mohammed Buhari in all of this shenanigans because they are both from the same ethnic stock.

This is not to say that she is in support of terrorism in whatever form or shape but it is simply borne out of prejudice.

Yes, we all have prejudice. It is in every human’s consciousness and subconsciousnes.

Furthermore, the rot in the system is evident in a statement by the governor of Kaduna State, Malam El Rufai, who happens to be husband to Ahmed Kadara’s sister, the fact that the bandits in his state are becoming emboldened operating now in the urban area of the state compared to the past criminal activities when they were restricted to the outskirts. Sister Ahmed Kadaria should go and ask governor El Rufai the number one priority or challenge or issue giving him sleepless nights at this present moment as the executive governor of Kaduna state.

Did the executive governor of Benue State, Samuel Ortom make it up that the Fulani terrorists invaded the camp of Internally displaced persons (IDP) in Benue state, killed and maimed helpless people in hundreds? Did they not also raped and took some of their women away?

Yes, the media didn’t make that up, it was a direct statement from just two governors out of over two dozens governors beset by security challenges in the country.Yet, with all these incidents hitting close to home, one could sense a high concentration of aroma of pretense from Ahmed Kadaria’s direction.

It may also be out of fear of being branded a black sheep among her Fulani tribe that she had spared all the wrong doings of Mr. President in her rhetorics. This is because not a single line made mentioned of the ineptitude of President Mohammed Buhari and the many atrocities of Mytee Allah in this present scenario.

However, to put all the blames of the precarious situation in Nigeria today on negative reporting is a fallacy.

The regime of GMB which rode to power on the slogan of “Change Mantra” but had been resistant to Change just in a jiffy acceded to US, Africa Command Headquarters .This is just a reaction from this regime that is also a testament to the reality of dire security state of the country.

Yes Kedira Ahmed, the real problem is Mohammed Buhari and his cabal and not so much some of the negative reporting in the news today. This is because President Mohammed Buhari as the commander in chief of the armed forces, the buck stops at his desk. Lobatan!

In the final analysis, did we not forewarn in 2015 not to ever elect Mohammed Buhari, a Jihadist and terrorist as President of a secular country like Nigeria? Did most of the political gladiators at a time not turn a deaf ears to the voice of reason? Did many of them not regret their poor judgments now?

Hmmm, Was Kedira Ahmed not part and parcel of the campaign trail that ferociously campaigned and canvassed votes for the election of President Mohammed Buhari in 2015?

Who is fooling who?

Only time will tell.

David Adenekan writes from Chicago, Illinois.