Committee Chairman urges support for Nigerian Army, Says Ndume’s demands for Army will be met

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Bashir Bello

Senator Muhammad Ali Ndume has revealed that the Nigerian Army officials have expressed satisfaction with the outcome of the meeting with the Finance Ministry, officials of Army and Senate Committee on Army.

The Senator who chairs the committee on Army said that Army officials explained the efforts made so far by its personnel to quell the insurgency in the North East and banditry in the North West. He further added that Army made a list of demands which if met, it would go a long way in quelling the insecurity.

The Law Maker who also revealed that after a long discussion with the Army officials, the members of Senate resolved to give the Army and other sister agencies their unalloyed support.

“After an exhaustive and extensive discourse
the Army told us many of the ills plaguing the force, some of those things we already know, some we dont know and believe me, what they told us is very serious.

” we on our part as senators have decided to give them our unalloyed support so that they can overcome these challenges and put and end to the insecurity in the country”, Ndume added.

Though the Chairman of the senate committee on Army would not give details of their meeting with the Arny officials, he nonetheless said that in the next meeting all requests of the Army and other security agencies would be encapsulated and forwarded to the House as supplementary bill.
He further called on Nigerians to assist the Army by giving information about bandits or criminals to Army officials so that they can apprehend such bad elements before any harm is done. The senator also commended men and women of the Nigerian Army for giving their lives to ensure that the country is secured.