Buhari and the perfidy of trust

Buhari and the perfidy of trust

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By Wande Akindiose

One thing I am grateful for is that I rightly predicted that Gen Buhari would be a colossal failure if elected president. I have never wavered in that belief right from 2003 when he took the first shot at the post.
Yet, from early 2014, millions of Nigerians, home and abroad put their faith and trust in him to rebuild Nigeria. Today, these same people now know better.

It is a fact that millions routed for him, campaigned for him and even spent their money for him. While in all honesty, I won’t blame these hordes of people, as if he had not been elected, he would have been used as the yardstick for what would have been the best president Nigeria never had.

Buhari seriously disappointed the millions who voted for him. Families were divided; marriages broken and friendship scattered because of Buhari.
This man had the opportunity to be the beat president from this hemisphere yet he made lie of it.
Buhari surrounds himself with liars and propagandists who derive pleasure from lying to the people

That Buhari is a failure is am understatement. It us arguably true that he is the most prepared leader yet the worst Africa has ever known.

Corruption has been taken to another level under his regime.
Blood letting is per minute billing.
Chauvinism, bigotry and maladministration are at their highest.
Executive lawlessness, political brigandage, recklessness, and profligacy are the order of the day.

I just saw the Chief of Air Staff around the Fed Ministry of Works with about 20 cars, 2 outriders, a “battalion” of soldiers, and he was in a G-gad jeep worth over #200 million. And this is a government that wants to turn Nigeria around.
The chief of Defense in America goes about in a car driven by his official driver.

For those who voted Buhari in 2015, you may be forgiven but those who repeated same in 2019 have the hottest part of hell waiting for them.

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