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A couple of years ago, we lost a family friend. A young lady who died leaving a husband and a little boy. A day to the burial my wife and I went to their house, to help with preparation activities for the burial the next day. They brought drums to cool drinks, so myself and another young man, helped in arranging the soft drinks and water inside those drums for cooling. This was at the period the Abuja heat was at the highest.

Next day we went for the burial at the cemetery. The ceremony was very brief, but not knowing the family decided that the drums be brought to the cemetery so people can drink because the sun was too hot. They brought those drums after we entered the cemetery, but guess what, all the drums were empty before we came out of the cemetery.

And guess those who packed everything? Women who were members of the deceased fellowship all wearing their uniforms. You could see all their handbags fully loaded with the drinks. Some even have about 2 or 3 in their hands and even in the pockets of the big skirts they were wearing. Those of us who went inside came out sweating with nothing to drink, while these women watched us shamelessly. I had to buy from a hawker for me and other people, but it was not enough.

These are wives, ‘Christians’ for that matter, and above all mothers that RAISE CHILDREN. They weren’t bothered about the other people under the sun, for which purpose those drinks were bought. And even when people came out so thirsty, they cared less. Their concern was what they will take home. GREED. So you can imagine the kind of children these women will raise and tell me if those children will not grow up and see GREED as a way of life.

So when you blame politicians, civil servants or anybody, check yourself too, because this is how Nigeria got into her present state. Our driving force is GREED and more GREED. Imagine any of those women finding themselves in any position of where money is involved. They would steal even workers’ salaries. It’s not about pointing fingers and blaming some set of people.

The politician that steals didn’t come from space, he is one of us. The police officer on the way collecting bribe wasn’t recruited from Jupiter. He is one of us. You drive your car without relevant papers, with the intent to bribe the police. You aren’t anyway different. The insecurity in the Country today is caused by the GREED in us. People ready to make money out of other people’s blood, GREED.

You go to a party and and they are sharing Souvenirs, you collect one, hide it and demand for another again and again, even when other people haven’t gotten just one, GREED.
Your child who is probably in his 20’s, has no known job that pays him even 20k a month, and from nowhere boom he buys a car, you praise him. Boom, he buys you a car, you sing his praises even when you should reject such a gift and hand him over to security agencies, GREED.

But you will come to SM to tell us how other Countries function, forgetting parents in those Countries are not like you. That people in those Countries don’t acquire things the way you do, GREED.

Nigeria can be great, Nigeria can do better, but we must stop pointing fingers and CHECK OURSELVES, BEFORE WE WRECK OURSELVES.

Don’t deceive yourself by expecting angels from the land of EVIL PEOPLE of which you are one. Stop measuring Nigeria’s standards with Britain, instead measure your standards with that of the British citizens, because they were the ones that built the UK. In your quiet times, ask yourself sincerely if your kind of standard as a citizen can build that FANTASTIC SOCIETY you so desire.

There is no amount of restructuring that will change anything. At best it will open ways for fewer people to carry out their GREED.

Restructure yourself.

Let’s Restructure
Nigerians to Restructure Nigeria

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