Breaking: One fears killed as Kaduna warning strike turns violent

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By Achadu Gabriel Kaduna

Strike protest turns violent, one fears killed in kaduna
The Nigeria labour charges NLC strike protest turned violent with one person reportedly feared dead..

The incident occurred at about 12 noon around NEPA round where the NLC president was there to address the striking workers.
Trouble started when people suspected to be government thugs arrived the roundabout by Ahmed Bello way venue of the protest and attacks the peaceful protesters.

Eyewitness account and our reporter said the protesters started running widely without direction due to the attack with police.appealing to the thugs to calm down.

While NLC members started pushing their President into the motor to leave the area when police also open fire with tear gas and smoking renting the air resulting to chaos.
Ambulance was later sighted carry suspected injured victims while other protesters ran back and front.
NLC statement is been awaited on the details of all the transported during the protest which did not go beyond the roundabout in enforcing the five days strike in the state.

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