Over 100 Armed thugs storms NLC protest rally in Kaduna

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..As rally sliding into religion with el-rufai supporters

By Achadu Gabriel, Kaduna

Again, Armed thugs numbering over hundred on Wednesday stormed the ongoing protest rally organized by the organization labour over mass disengagement of civil servants in Kaduna state.

The thugs, armed with dangerous weapons arrived the rally much more earlier to enleased violence on the protesters and dirupt it but met with reisitanece by the Police operatives which arrested over 20 of them.
Speaking on the issue, the NLC President Mr Ayuba Wabba said the thugs came in several vehicle with arms and all kinds of matches to disrupt today’s rally which could not work yesterday Tuesday.
“Fortunately for them members of NLC were ready for them.
Togather with the police they were able to apprehend 20 and taking to the police station”he said.
He also stated that’ they’ve their pictures taken and the thugs confesed that they were paid to come and use violence to stop the rally from proceeding today.
Wabba therefore urged the police to publicly display the thugs for the world to see.

‘Their preoscution should be made public”, he said, and warned that any attempt to harm him or any members of the team would bear heavy consquences “not only on Nigeria economy but the democracy.
He also said that “if el-rufai and he’s agent want to use force and violence to intimidate the NLC from allowing wortker of Kaduna state enjoy their basic right, the NLC could shutdown Nigeria economy within 48 hours.
“El-rufai is a danger to democracy. Political elites must come to terms with the fact that peaceful and demonstration is not only a constitutional right but a universal Human rights.

“El-rufai has placed a price on me that any one who sees me and report will be given a handsome rewards.
“And el-rufai said i should report myself to the ministry of justice or to police headquarters but look at me here close to the police headquarters.
“Let the police come and arrest me with this threats of el-rufai against me.

“So I’m putting it as a public notice that should I disappeared or anything happens to me or my members, the person to hold responsible is governor el-rufai”, he said.

He also said as deputy President, Global Industrial Union, with 180 affiliates all over the world, el-rufai has been reported to them and they’ve downloaded his profile into their portal.
“With that, el-rufai cannot visit any of these countries where their workers are members of these organization.

“Due to his maltreatment, Kaduna state workers has now become a global issue. And as such el-rufai is a wanted man in Germany, US, UK, France, as far as their workers are concerned.
“Thanks member of NLC for their orderly behavior in the face severe provocation.”he stated.
NLC president However warned that strike will continue till Friday, adding “that this is just a warning strike.
“After Friday, they’ll return back and organized for a Nationwide industrial action in support of the right of Kaduna workers, should el-rufai continue with his mass sack of workers and violation of their right.

Similarly, as the NLC protest rally over alleged arbitrary disengagement of workers in Kaduna state enters third day, some Muslim women also stormed the venue declaring their support for the Governor of Kaduna state mall Nasir el-rufai, making the rally sliding into religion as some muslim women group declared support the Governor.
The women group sighted at the NLC state office all in hijab with banner, around 8:30am were chanting slogan “el-rufai is our Governor.
Although some of the pro- el-rufai women received flogs and beating by their female NLC women who saw them as been hired-to-do the dirty job ignorantly and shamefully.

They later confesed to have been mobilized with N500 to and taken in two buses to come and protest.