Labour Crisis: My offer to Serve as Mediator was never Political – Dangote’s man

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By Achadu Gabriel, Kaduna

Former Group Head, Human Resources, Dangote Group, Shuaibu Idris Miqati, said his offer to served earlier as Mediator in the Nigeria labour congress NLC and Kaduna State government faceoff has no any political.undertune.

Miqati, an ex governorship aspirants in Kaduna State said he offered to served as mediator from his concerned on the suffering of their people, based on his little understanding of the issues, knowledge and experience of Human Resources management, having served as Group Head Human Resources of Dangote Group and a member of Chartered Institute of Personel Management of Nigeria.
He state this in a statement issued and personally signed by himself in Kaduna on Friday.

“Please refer to my earlier brief wherein I offered to convene a Committee of Patriotic Citizens of our Great State to broker peace and break the logjam occasioned by the differences between Labour and the State Government.

“I am happy to note the progress thus far made in the process of restoration of normal life in our great state.

“I commend the efforts of all parties particularly the Federal Government for its intervention and the warring parties in the crisis for their understanding thus far.

“Life is usually full of challenges and one should stand firm on principles and the path of honour. Both parties have done just that in their respective positions! Its important however for everyone to realise that without shifting position, peace may elude us.
“It’s in this regards that I seize the opportunity to crave the indulgence of all parties to imbibe and inculcate the spirit of love and care, feelings and concerns and above live let’s live so that there can be continuity in normalcy of our day today affairs.

“My offer to serve as a mediator was never political. It came from my concerns on the suffering of our people, my little understanding of the issues, my knowledge and experience of Human Resources management having served as Group Head Human Resources of Dangote Group and a member of Chartered Institute of Personel Management of Nigeria.

“Indeed having being a labourer for years my self, I can feel the pains and concerns of Labour! Also having managed businesses, and as finance expert, a chartered Accountant, I can also feel and see the views of the State Government in this saga. During the period of my career as Human Resources practitioner I had cause to relate with Labour leaders and we had excellent relationship to the extent that contentious issues were resolved amicably to the satisfaction of parties involved then.
“It is these experiences I offered to bring to bare and share with the parties in our dear state as a patriotic citizen. My offer is still open and I have reached out already to few like minds who can be part of the team to broker peace amongst parties to the disagreement.

“Once again I request the understanding of all parties so that lasting peace and harmony can be entrenched and sustained in our State. Let us not exacerbate the situation in our dear state since it is either peace to all or peace to none! A stitch in time saves nine!”,he stated.

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