Ben Ayade’s Political Euthanasia

Ben Ayade’s Political Euthanasia

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Elempe Dele

“My decision has to do with my respect for the quality of leadership that President Muhammadu Buhari has brought to the country.”

Governor Ben Ayade of Cross River on defecting from PDP to APC.

Today, someone asked me what exactly is it Prof. Ben Ayade looking for in politics for him to defect like a betraying and deserting soldier from the PDP to the souless APC. I couldn’t offer much of an answer apart from telling him that Ayade does not know what it means to have an identity, just like Akpabio, he doesn’t know what shame is. Nigeria is gravely divided into the north and south dichotomy whether you like it or not. If you doubt it, ask Malami, ask Miyetti Allah, ask Governor Bala, ask the governor of Zamfara State, ask El Rufai…they will all tell you no matter what affiliations they belong, when it comes to the walling in and walling out, they stand by their own – their north. But Ben has chosen to abandon his own party and his own regional identity to join our traducers. You will expect him to understand the nitty-gritty of the contemporary Nigerian politics as a man from the most marginalized region in the committee of nations.

For what I will classify as personal interest, Ben Ayade has decided to throwaway political morals to join the party of those who are opposed to fairplay, equity and justice in a heterogeneous country. His interest might be lying on the fact that by 2023, if APC keep the presidency to the north, he, like Umahi, will be considered for the position of vice president.

Secondly, as usual for them, Ben Ayade might possibly have embezzled so much money from the state coffers and wish for an inoculation from the stings of EFCC. At least, Oshiomole, the disgraced former APC chairman told the world there is a sanctuary for criminals in APC in one of his sanctimonious drab campaigns.

Apart from either or both of these, I can categorically tell you Ben Ayade lives in an alternative world if as he claimed, he joined APC because of the none existent leadership style of the absentee president, Buhari.

I know Ben Ayade talks intelligently and smile a lot, don’t forget he has been so brave and quiet that we forget has been suffering sufficiently from Stolkhom Syndrome – the love for those who inflict him and his people so much pains.

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