Edo PDP Crisis: Organized and Paid Attacks Against Chief Dan Orbih, Futile Journeys

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Comrade Osazuwa Mike.

I laugh openly when people secretly, without the courage of bravery, pay nitwits called homegrown journalists and social media cretins stipends to attack the person and character of Chief Dan Orbih, the erstwhile State Chairman of Edo State PDP and now the South South National Vice Chairman of PDP who’s political sagacity they love to hate. One faceless Johnson Lawani claimed among other fantasies built up for him by those who wish to peddle lies and surplant the truth in order to take over PDP that Chief Dan Orbih is the brain behind the inability for the Edo State PDP not wanting to harmonize, or whatever that is called in their political dictionary. Well, the meaning of their harmonization can only best be explained by these pipers. However, the congresses that brought in the PDP excos came through the constitution of the party and if they wish to alter it, they should refer to Dr. Tony Azeigbemi and Secundus, the state chairman and the national chairman respectively for clearance, not Dan Orbih. What most of these political hangers-on fail to tell the public is that the matter was never about harmonization, it was about dissolution of the party excos, which cannot be done since the matter is subjudice and illegal at the same time. This was clearly annunciated by the state chairman in his letter to the national chairman. So pointing the thwarting of this ill-plan that failed woefully towards Chief Dan Orbih is an ignorant and futile attempt to put the records bent.

And in his antisocial claim, he said Chief Dan Orbih wish to become a godfather. And I would like to ask him if he was alive to his thinking that between a man that want to illegally disolve a party exco he met on ground and a man who supposedly resisted this illegality, who is a wannabe Godfather? He would have added his number to his post so that I can call him to explain the points of his ignorance to him.

Another infamous self aclaimed commentator calling himself Paul J. Izakor went the same warped way on the 24th of May 2024 in a reeking implacable post: DAN ORBIH: AN UNMITIGATED DISASTER FOR SOUTH-SOUTH PDP, in an online magazine, thenewspanorama.com, that can easily be traced to his paid orchestrators. Among his notorious claims was that Chief Dan Orbih has never won his unit and ward. Chief Dan Orbih has never lost his ward in any election including state conducted LGA elections. The writer is doing the job he is paid to do by those who are afraid of Chief Dan Osi Orbih.

The truth is that I know where this sobbing is coming from. They are the handiwork of misguided zealots and extremists who cannot understand their left from right. It is unfortunate that some old PDP members are falling for the wiles and evil mechinations of these people who wish to takeover PDP and make the old members strangers in the party they have laboured for years to build. Whether they like it or not, Dan Orbih has served his time as the state chairman and have been given a national assignment at the national level which he is concentrated on – he has moved on. This pull him down syndrome being hatched by evil syndicates would not work. Majority of Edo PDP are ready for harmonization if it is done within the ambit of the law, but an outright dissolution is what we are collectively against. It is not only illegal, it is clandestine.

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