Millions die of air, water pollution yearly – Climtologist

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..Say’s plants, animals, forest under big threat in Africa due…

By Achadu Gabriel, Kaduna

An environmental expert in science – climatology Dr Piman Hoffman, has called on media houses across African continent to train journalists on issues relating to environment, climate change and other ecological challenges to save the region against man-made disaster.
Hoffman, the assistant Director, African Climate reporters, made the call, in a statement to mark this year world international environment day coming up Saturday 5th june 2021, at the official website of the organization.

He expressed dissatisfaction over the lack of commitment by some media outfits across Africa toward dedicating some reporters to cover environment and it’s sciences.

“Scarcity of environmental reporters in most media housess across African is becoming a big threat to the existance of human, animals and all the living organism in the environment, hence the need to train and retrain more journalists across the region.

“It is really important for every media house in Africa to have a trained journalist that specializes in reporting issues related to the environment.

“This is to support environmental NGO, CSO, government and international organisation toward raising more awareness to the public on issues relating to environmental challenges and global warming,’’ he said.

According to Hoffman, the world now needs more environmental journalists to illuminate the real risks that humans and the environment faced.
“Lack of enough environmental journalists in Africa, is becoming a big threat to the existence of plants, animals and even the survival of our forestry.
“Environmental journalists play a great role in the society, like raising awareness about population growth, sustainability, energy conservation, global warming, climate change and acid rain.

“Others include; destruction of tropical rain forest, accumulation of toxic waste, disposal of all wastes, water and air pollution, and all factors that contribute towards degradation of the quality of life.
“Millions of people die yearly as a result of air and water pollution, due to lack of awareness caused by inadequate environmental journalists to report on issues relating to effects on the environment.

“Environmental journalists have the potential to inspire their readers to change their everyday behaviors for the overall betterment of the world around them.

“We have equipped journalists with the knowledge of environmental issues and trained them to support the fight against global warming, deforestation and environmental degradation,” he explained.
Hoffman urged media organisations across the 55 African countries to engage and build capacity for young journalists to be reporting on environment.
similarly, the patron African climate reporters Dr Yusuf Nadabo has also appealed to Nigerians to halt the culture of dumping trash and other Garbage into the gutter and steams to avert the spread of diseases and other infections

Nadabo urged Nigerians and other africans to imbibed the culture of cleaning their environment to halt the spread of diseases, while calling on all media houses to train more journalists on science and environmental reporting.