APC survived by looting of state resources, corruption, others – PRP

APC survived by looting of state resources, corruption, others – PRP

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By Achadu Gabriel, Kaduna

People Redemption Party (PRP) said the deplorable state of the nation is the consequences of bad governance and misrule of the rulling All progressive Congress (APC).

PRP also accused APC of surviving by encouraging divisive conflicts, endemic corruption, looting of state resources and general management of social, economic and political fortunes of Nigeria states.

The party made the assertions in a communique issued Monday at the end of it’s 2nd national delegate conference held in Zaria, kaduna state between 29 and 29the May 2021.
The communique, in a conference attended by delegates from 36 state and Abuja, described the current state of nation as sinking into a deepending social and economic crises that has sentence majority of Nigerians into poberty and all manner of.materias and physical deprivation.
The communique signed by Comrade Kabir Ali Nakande,
the senior special assistant on media and public affairs to the interim Chairman, reaffirmed the commitment and dedication of the PRP to served as a party leading the struggle of the ordinary poor and oppressed people of Nigeria for salvation from the exploitative and oppressive conditions under which they’ve led over the years.

Participants resolved that federal republic of Nigeria is at cross road of either remaining under the grip of the unpatriotic, corrupt and retrogressive forces that have been responsible for ruining the social, economic and political fortunes.
Besides, they however noted that there’s potentials of Nigeria pushing the country to the pecipiece of national disintegration or teaming up with the progressive elements in the struggle to set the country free from stronghold of the political opportunists who have nearly run the nation aground.
“That the two parties that have successfully rules Nigeria under the 4th Republic, the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) and All Progressive Congress (APC) are conglamoration of retrogressive elements United by the collective pursuit of self- serving power and illegally acquired wealth thereby continuously raping state resources.

“In other words, APC is not fundamentally different from PDP in the self serving manner they dominate the Nation’s political system.
“The PRP is tthus a viable alternative to the Ideologically barren politicians occupying state power in Nigeria.
“PRP is the only
ideologically oriented political Party that is built on a clearly defined foundation of leading the country along the path of independent development, unity, nation-building and the quest for the common prosperity of all Nigerians as well as the common protection of their civil, human and
citizenship rights in accordance with our Constitution”,
They Party therefore call on
all Nigerians, regardless of ethnic, religious or geopolitical differences to unite behind their great PRP in order to put Nigeria on the path to regaining its lost glory, adding
“PRP, thus is the viable alternative to the as Nigeria inches closer to 2023 Presidential and General Elections.

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