Gulak’s death in Imo state, think just think about before conclusions

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This young man here, (circled in red) is one of those Imo State Police claimed to be Gulak’s Killers in the early hours of Sunday 30th of May 2021, along Airport Road Owerri, Imo State. Meanwhile, the said young man is sighted in the photo and video below as one of those who looted Onions at Affor Ogbe.

One thing that comes to mind is, how does an assailant kill someone (Gulak) and go loot Onions later?

How does one kill someone at Airport Road, head to Affor Ogbe to loot Onions, then return back to the same Airport road where he had committed a crime?

If this story actually made sense to you, then I see the exact reason why you are dense, even as dense as a Rock.

As long as an Institution billed to fight bribery mounts road blocks in strategic places and extort motorists…

As long as an Institution billed to fight corruption assigns 2/3 majority of her Personnel to protect known corrupt politicians, it will be very difficult for me to swallow whatever they throw to the public hook, line-and-Sinker.

Whatever reason(s) Alhaji Gulak was killed on our soil have many things to reveal. And it must not be allowed to be covered up by kindergarten, contradictory Press Statements and harvesting the wrong people for a cover up.

Before the Northerners invades or retaliates on our people for nothing, we must lend our voices and make sure the real masterminds of Gulak’s death are identified.

  1. Does Alhaji Ahmed Gulak have any reasons to hide his entry into Imo State and his exit from the Governor who has been his friend and political associate for a while now?
  2. Is Alhaji Gulak currently having any dealings or contracts with the state government of Imo State?
  3. There was no public notice to Gulak’s arrival into the state, neither his stay nor his exit from the state was made public to have warranted those who didn’t actually know his itinerary to trace him and pin point him alone for a kill. (I was never aware of such publicity).
  4. Only a few people in Imo State can identify Alhaji Gulak in person. You that is reading this post now, if Gulak had appeared before you in the same dresses he was assassinated in, would you have recognized him?
  5. As seen in the circulated video, Alhaji Gulak was shot with his face mask on. It simply means there may not have been any re-identification process, the assailants knew exactly who they came for and went for him.
  6. Why was Alhaji Gulak allegedly the only one killed in that car amidst all the occupants of the car as stated by the police?
  7. Who else was aware of his route from the hotel?
  8. How did he get the cab (source) and who are those in the cab with him when the incident took place?
  9. Why was he sneaking out of the state just as he sneaked out during the 2018 APC Primary election that Produced Senator Uzodinma as APC Candidate, where he claimed the then state governor, Sen. Okorocha, wanted to kidnap him?
  10. Could it be that Alhaji Gulak noticed that his life was in danger by those billed to protect him that he needed to escape in disguise without their knowledge?

Alhaji Gulak’s death on our soil could not have been a mere coincidence.

Rather than keep mute and Ignorantly believe whatever you are told, it is important you open your mouth and ask Intelligent questions before they invade you or your people in the North for a revenge.

It will be good for his brothers to be aware that the Igbos didn’t kill Alhaji Gulak. Whether it is for Political Reasons, Business or to Spike a Civilian Tribal clash, we as a people must be sensible enough not to allow the internal enemies to win.

This is an honest submission from a concerned Citizen, before Northerners will start Killing our brothers in the North for nothing.

Atten: Northerners, Igbos did not kill Gulak, take your time and find the real killers, don’t let the wolves who have continued to keep you in perpetual poverty and impoverishment set you up in lies and deceit.