PRP Expels Interim National Chairman, Falalu Bello finally

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By Achadu Gabriel, Kaduna

The People’s Redemption Party (PRP) has finally expelled it’s Interim national chairman Mr Falalu Bello from the party.

Falalu Bello, a multi-millionaire business tycoon, was expelled during the national delegate conference of the party held in Zaria in kaduna state.

A communique issued at the end of the two days conference and signed by Comrade Kabir Ali Nakande, the Senior Special Adviser on Media and Public Affairs to the current interim national chairman Prof Sule Bello, confirmed the explosion.

It stated that the conference upheld the decisions and position of the Ward, Local and Kaduna State chapter of the party on explosion of Mr Bello who was pronounced expelled twice in the past.
“The national delegate conference considered petitions against the Falalu Bello led administration of the Party nationwide as well as from ali organs of the Party which were duly considered, and, on the basis of his confirmed collusion with forces hostile to the Party
resultìng in the perpetration of illegal and subversive anti-pany activities.
“A vote-of-no confidence was accordingly passed on him and his administration by the
“The National Delegates Conference also considered the submission of disciplinary
measures taken by the Kaduna State chapter of the Party, right from the Rigachiken
Ward level in line with the Consitution of the Party.
“The Conference subsegently
uplolds the decision and action of the Rigachikun Ward amounting to the suspension
of Falalu Bello from the Party.

“It further upholds the recommendhation from the Kaduna State Chapter of the Party for the expulsion of Falalu Bello from the Party in geeral
“The Party, as a result of the above considerations, therefore, dissocates itself from any action taken by Falalu Bello in the name of the Party and, in particilar, ondemn his so-called congresses and coventions in the name of the PRP. whsch have been found to constitute nothing but political fraud.
“The PRP notes with concern that some elements are claiming to be holding so-called Congresses and conventions in the name of the Party. All investigations point to the fact that these are not only fake and fraudulent activities, but also, unfortunately seem to
enjoy the support of certain clements within INEC.
“The NDC hereby advises those
involved in aiding and abetting, these illegal activities to desist from doing in their own interest.
“Members of the Party at all levels are therefore called upon to continue working towards building unifying and promoting the fortunes of the Party, under the leadership
of Professor Sule Bello, on the basis o its principled legacies, vision and mission.
“At the end of the 2 National Delegates Conference, participants expwessed
appreciation to stakcholders and elders from the nation in general, and the good people
of Zaria in particular, for the warm reception accorded the delegales to the Conference.

The communique drafting committee include Prof, Sule Bello chairperson, Hon Godwia Kalu member, Rev. Dr. Abanon Khua member, Hon. Gambo Usman member, Mal. Bashir Bello secretary respectively.

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