IPOB After Our Oil Says MOSOP

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 THE Movement for the Survival of the Ogoni People said it would resist any attempt by the Indigenous People of Biafra to impose its activities on the Ogoni people.
MOSOP President, Fegalo Nsuke, stated this in Eeken, Khana Local Government Area where he met with the kingdom coordinators and chapter leaders of MOSOP in Babbe kingdom of Ogoni.
Nsuke said the Ogoni people were not part of the Biafra agitation, pointing out that the pursuit of the Ogoni people in Rivers State was different from what Biafra represented.
He insisted that the Ogoni people would not tolerate any force of coercion into an exclusive Ibo nation whose design was to advance the powers and domination of the Ibo people over the Ogoni of the Niger Delta region.
He said, “While Ogoni have no issues with the Ibo people pursuing their legitimate courses that seek to enforce their desired freedoms, the Ogoni people should not be coerced into the struggles of the Ibo people.”
He said the Ogoni people have pursued the cause of justice in Nigeria and have not coerced any sections of Nigeria into their struggles, saying, “We will likewise resist any attempt to impose Biafra or anything like it on us.
He further  added  that Ogoni were grappling with serious abuses that threatened their existence in Nigeria, adding that they still felt better in a multi-ethnic Nigeria than in an Ibo-dominated Biafra where experiences proved they could completely go extinct.

 He explained that the Ibo interest in Ogoni was no more than targeting the enormous natural endowment of the Ogoni people and called on the Ogoni folks to protect their dignity and integrity by preserving the Ogoni nationality from enslavement.
The group leader warned against land grabbing, killings and all other crimes being perpetrated by agents of secession and coercion against the Ogoni people in border communities with the Ibo, including Ban-Ogoi, in Tai Local Government Area.

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