Govt has hands in insecurity in the country – Gamji President

Govt has hands in insecurity in the country – Gamji President

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By Achadu Gabriel, Kaduna

Angered by attacks on them, a Northern Elite and National President Gamji Global Network, Alhaji Tukur Umar has indicted Leaders of Government of Nigeria of having hands in the heighten insecurity in the country.

Alhaji Tukur Umar alias ATU, made the revelation in an interview with newsmen in Kaduna on Thursday, while collaborating late General Sani Abacha’s comment that Government knows and has a hand in any insecurity which lasted for too long.
He therefore said government should be blamed and checked for any insecurity in the country that took so much times..

Umar said, “It’s not only General Sani Abacha, General Banangida retired also said that any insecurity in the country that lasted for sometime, government should be blame and checked.

Some kidnappers nabbed with ransoms. Recall for years now Nigeria is ravaged by terrorists killing and kidnapping for ransoms.

“The government in national Assembly, Executive and other arms are safe in the country but the common men are not safe.
“Just within two days, we were attacked coming from Zaria to kaduna on one of the major road in the north. And people are being attacks here and there.
“How long do you think this things will contimue. What’s government doing. There are alot of baracks, security on road. They’re paying them but yet our lives are in danger.
“So I believe in the saying the any insecurity that lasted for too long government has to be blame or checked”, he said.

He also expressed assurance that eighty percent Nigerians would blamed leadership of the country if out into vote.” l’m sure if majority of Nigerias can be put or make a cue 80% will blame the leadership of country.
The National President, Gamji Global Network noted with dismay that peace is trying to escape the country adding, “so we need to advocate for peace in the society.
According to him “People are focusing on isues of ban on the use of Twitter while we have a lot of issue like banditry kidnapping for ramsom among others.
While speaking elaborately on issue of insecurity, he said “their are alot of lapses on the side of the government,in places like Sokoto, katsina and Zanfara state. Alot of villages are deserted due Insecurity and government could not do anything about it as the lapses could either be from the governors or security agents”, adding that during investigation they found out that “their are very high profile people involved.

While giving contribution of the Gamji global network on the current issue in Nigeria, Umar said people have abandoned property and farmlands due to insecurity in their areas.

“On Insecurity facing the Northerner in the southern part of the country, he said, the elder from the south did not speaks or condemned such act.
“Insecurity, kidnapping, banditry has been an atrocities affecting the country most especially in the north and know it’s escalating to the south, it’s has be come a work and habit for unemployed youths, and they are going into kidnapping system for money, they don’t care who they kill or kidnaped or rape and government is showing a leserfaire attitude, To me no illegal action that will continue to take place in Country for over a year without having a suitable solution.
He called on government to come back to speak with the grassroots, traditional, religious, youths leaders and all stakeholders in each local government and in each wards to compromise, settle them together, make a tentative forum because this government is not doing well.

“You see a town or villages being attacked for more than seven hours but nobody to rescue those masses. No days you’ll not see them ridding machine in hundred and government is not saying anything”, he lamented.

He said Nigeria has been ask to all register their phone with NIN so as to track anybody found wanting but the kidnapers has been using phone to negotiate and they can not be tracked, so I don’t think this is really working

“The masses in the country are becoming helpless and no one to help them no body is save.

“Our life are not save in the country where we voted to see peace and development”, said