A quiet life is usually a fragrant life

A quiet life is usually a fragrant life

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There is a lack of quietness among today’s believers; they talk too much and fail to “study to be quiet” (1Thess.4:11KJV).

Those who have received much grace from God usually have their heads bowed.

Only those who are not deeply rooted in Christ tend to be flippant. (See Prov.18:2).

–A quiet life is usually a fragrant life. If we speak less, what we speak will be more powerful.

—Talkativeness is a point of leakage in one’s spirituality.

A man full of the Holy Spirit will not tell anything that is not received from the Lord.

–Not a single word will be spoken out of self.

— If we learn to obey the Holy Spirit in this area, our daily speech will be reduced by half! This will glorify God.

To grit one’s teeth as a means to not speak is not quietness before the Lord because the heart has already spoken.

How often we experienced dryness in our spiritual walk.