Nigeria: 60 times blood donor lists advantages of donating blood

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…Say’s blood donors immune from cancer, others

By Achadu Gabriel, Kaduna

Nigeria’s 60 times blood donor in northwest Nigeria
Alhaji Shefiu Balarabe Yakubu, who is also the highest in the country has been unviled.
Alhaji Yakubu, a legal practitioner who was discovered during celebration of international day of blood donors in kaduna listed the a number of advantages of Blood donors.

In summary, the voluntary donor Yakubu, who was met at National Blood Transfusion Service (NBTS) centre, northwest Zonal office, kaduna impressed that blood donors hardly fall sick.
His remarks was corroborated by several other experts who spoke during the celebration witnessed by a large number of other voluntary blood donors including John Haruna among others
“Research has shown that blood donation is good for health, and donors don’t get stroke, reduces work on the skin, kidney. if you donate, you fee more strengten.
“It reduce chances of getting cancers, free access to health checks such VP, high blood pressure and other communicable diseases”, said a staffs.
Shefiu Balarabe Yakubu, in interview also said that the blood donor day was memorable like every other day of 12th June set aside for celebrating world blood donors day.
“I’m happy to be donor and them too, it’s part of our social responsibly to help our community. We also encourage others to the come and donate.
“From 2006 to date, every 3 months later non stop. Now iam 60 times blood donor. Only northwest zone, we, has 60 time blood donors which is me”, Yakubu said.
He however stated that, ‘You must have to get something to do to give back to the society what the society gives you that fashion our lives. As an individual, I consider it as parts of my social responsibility. Whether I donate or not i fee normal.
lts Voluntary service. Nothing expected in return. We’re doing it because of God. 60 times donated in this Centre alone”, he added.
On the advantages, Barr Yakubu said that “Medical Doctor said, If you are donating blood your immuned from anything call cancer diseases, and against other diseases requiring daleses, and make you healthy, in fact an endless advantages,”he stated.
He commended the former coordinator Ifeoma O. who advised him seriously to always maintained social distancing even before Covid-19, because of his track records.
“I don’t do anything unique from what others are doing, I eat traditional foods, avoid junks food”, he added.

“Again, this also suggests that both the 77 times blood donor and the 67 times blood donor started donating blood at NBTS abuja before the establishment of NBTS, there history of blood donations predates the creation of NBTS.

“This is absolutely stunning. It reminds many the case of an international footballer whose mother died in 1986 BUT he was born in 1990. Northwest blood donors understand that there may be an anomality that require simple explanation. End