National Assembly Has Performed Credibly Well- Shaba Ibrahim

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Member of House of Representative representing Lokoja Kogi Federal Constituency, Shaba Ibrahim

has commended the 9th National Assembly in many areas which includes responsive area of lawmaking.
Hon. Ibrahim was speaking to a group of journalists in his office at National Assemby while appraising the role of the legislative body in nation building.
He added that the legislature had been able to respond to the yearning of the citizens by making passing bill and making laws which reflects the will of the electorate.
The law maker also gave the current legislative chambers pass marks in the areas of parliamentary diplomacy added that the National Assembly have waded into slot lot disputes between Nigeria and other countries.He explained,
“The National Assembly wade in the Nigeria Ghana trade dispute and it was able to resolve it.
Staying with the parliamentary diplomacy, he further said that ” We have able to look into concerns and issues affecting Nigerians in disapora, set up committees without infringing on the Executive and we have been able to solve a lot issues where Nigerians were maligned. 
He further explained that the legislature was able to perform its oversight functions credibly well by checking the activities of erring ministries and MDAs and making that they comply with the laid down regulations
“Though, a lot needs to be done, but overall we have a robust National Assembly”, he added.
The law maker from Kogi also added that a lot needs to be done in the areas of compelling the executive arm to act on bills and resolutions presented by the national assembly which would have positive impact on the public.
However, Hon. Shaba Ibrahim also rejected the notion by many people that the 9th  National Assembly is a rubber stamp to the executive arm.He said,
” I cant speak for the Senate, but the House of Representatives which I am a member, is not a rubber stamp to the executive.
“This is the only house that was able to summon the President to come and give an account of his stewardship. No any other assembly had done that before.
He also added that people tend to see things from the  activities in the plenary sessions which is Just an insignificant part of the legislative activities.
On the issue of the security, the lawmaker said that there the security forces are obviously overstretched and and underfunded, therefore the while security structure of the country need to be overhauled and rejigged 
The kogi law maker Futher expressed mixed feelings about the armed forces saying that they are trying their best in some areas while they need to up the game in other areas.
“in some instances, the security forces maybe overwhelmed, the maybe doing their best, but their best may not be good enough.
Security has gone beyond the provision of Hilux and keeps.
He also explained that the security situation in the country has been exacerbated due to unemployment, influx of foreigners from neighbouring countries and the rise of internal insurgencies.
The Honorable member of the House of Representatives advice that premium must be placed on intelligence gathering on the part of the security agencies and massive recruitment of manpower into the security agencies so as to meet up with the current challenges.
Hon. Shaba further revealed that the National Assembly has always strive to give necessary attention to the financial demands of the Armed Forces and accede expressly to any financial demands by the armed forces.

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