Meet a Nigerian who developed cell phone that can make calls without Sim card

Meet a Nigerian who developed cell phone that can make calls without Sim card

Our world today is filled with blessed people, and we have people who are well and highly talented but they don’ t have enough resources to put their works out for people to see, we have seen and heard of different people who out of nothing made something tangible.

These youths of today have turned out to be very brilliant, innovative and creative, they now create different electrical automobiles and other sorts of mechanics.

Here is a Nigerian man who goes by the name Umar Usman Dagona. Umar Dagona is from Gashua town of Bade local government, Yobe State, he has kept a record in this country as he has made a cell phone that does not require sim card or airtime to make calls and send messages.

Umar Dangona is a brilliant person who emerged National Winner of a Chemistry competition, and went on to represent Nigeria online in the Imagine Chemistry Worldwide 2020.

Umar was the one who represented Nigeria at the world chemistry competition and came out Second Position which gave him a win of $400, 000 after beating other candidates from many countries.

Dagona studied NCE chemistry education at Yobe state Umar Suleiman Collage of Education in Gashua town.

This time, the brilliant Nigerian has solved the major problem of telecommunications in Nigeria, which is how to get a phone recharged. Nigerians spend nothing less than 5 thousand naira a month just to recharge his phone aside the subscription for data that is done also. Dogana’ s innovative idea has solved this problem or at least reduced the expenses.

Here are comments made by people on social media as regards to this innovation;

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