Use Cultural Days In Schools To Revive Local Dialects, Cultures-Educationists

Use Cultural Days In Schools To Revive Local Dialects, Cultures-Educationists

Educationist called on Nigerians to take advantages of school cultural day to save local culture/dialect  from going extinction

The director of Women hood school of health science-kaduna Mr Nurudden bello has called on Nigerians to take advantage of school cultural day celebration toward uniting students ,while teaching the young once the importance of  promoting their  traditional and cultural dance and attire
Speaking to journalist during the school cultural day celebration,he says there is need to teach the young once the vital roles local dance play in uniting the people irrespective of their tribe,cultural and historical background.
According to him, apart from sports, entertainment industries which unifies Nigerians, culture is another avenue that  bringing Nigerians together
Student Cultural Troupe  from different  tribes ,entertained the guests with their best and  cultural performance,food and drinks s in their traditional  and cultural attires that makes todays event a remarkable one
Adding that the school has many students from different cultural background,hence the need for each and every one of them to immensely showcase his/her culture for the benefit of the general public to know the values of other people tribes and cultures to promote peace and unity among all the Citizens across the 36 states of Nigeria
He explained that the essence of the celebration is to create the awareness in the students that “we are different types of people, but civilisation has taught us to live together as one.
The educationist added  its really high time for all Nigerian schools to be celebrating cultural day to help teach our children the importance of our langugaes,cultural backgrouns,so as to learned to live together and promote better understanding amond dofferent faith base organization.
Over seven indigenous tribes participated in the contest which included Yoruba, Hausa, Fulani, gyagyi, Nufe,Adara and other tribes.
The program is aimed at promoting religious, cultural and ethnic harmony through cultural dance.
 The school director stressed the need for parents to be teaching their childrens their local languages, and promote wearing traditional and cultural dressing in order to save their culture against going extention
“its high time to stand up and start teaching our children our culture and our real identity not copying foreigh cultures”
“Our culture is good more than the once our childrens are borrowing from foreign countries”
Pastor Yohanna Buru , The national president of peace revival and recounciliation foundation of Nigeria is a special guess at the event
He called on federal republic of Nigeria to create a National cultural day celebration with the aims of bringing together all the cultural troups across the country
Adding  that this would sure help in bringing back peace,unity and better understanding among different faith base organization across the country
He urged every parents to be teaching their kids their local tribes and langugaes,so as to save their own against going extinction

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