Hunter’s Council of Nigeria doing great job, Gombe Indigenes urges Government to recognise HCN

Hunter’s Council of Nigeria doing great job, Gombe Indigenes urges Government to recognise HCN

By Bashir Bello
The Hunter Council of Nigeria, HCN rounded up its in-house training for personnel of the group on Saturday in Gombe, the Capital of Gombe State .

The training of the hunters was conducted by the Nigeria Police Force and the Department of State Security Services (DSS) and it lasted for 3 day

Leader of the group, Commander General Ambassador Osatemehin Joshua Wole charged his men to put to use what they had learn during the training. Ambassador also urge them to be law abiding and worthy ambassadors of the group

He Futher charged them not to see themselves as men of the Nigeria Police but to see themselves as partners in the fight against crime and criminality.

“That you have been trained by the police doesn’t mean that you are a policeman, respect the constitution and respect the rules,” he added.

Further speaking, he appealed to the Governor of Gombe State to help provide logistical, material and financial support for the group to enable it carry out its function properly

“I want you to assure you that we are ready to work tirelessly and to bring peace to Gombe state

“We cant apprehend criminals with our barehands, we need ammunition, vehicles, a befitting office,” the CG added.

Ambassador Joshua also pleaded with the Governor to consider at least placing the personnel of HCN on a monthly salary.

Daily Updates correspondent who went round the Gombe State capital was innudated by the pleas of indigenes of the state that in view of the good works by the Hunter Council of Nigeria in curbing violent crimes and insecurity, both the state and the Federal Governments should quickly incorporate the Organization into the security architecture of the country.

Mallam Abdullah Shaga a resident of Gombe said, “since the coming of the personnel of HCN, security has improved in my area. I therefore call on the Senate to pass the bill giving legal backing to the Organization.

Mr. Mshellia Bwala also added that even Kaduna, Bauchi and across the nation, the HCN is doing a great job.

“It is therefore my call to the National Assembly to please expedite action on the bill seeking to legalise the Organization

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