Nigeria to boost tea and coffee production – Sen Yusuf Abubukar

Nigeria to boost tea and coffee production – Sen Yusuf Abubukar

By Bashir Bello, Abuja.
Senator Yusuf Abubakar Yusuf
Tea and Coffee production, we have legislaton
Farming of tea and coffee produce
Exporting of tea and coffee products that would generate revenue.

Formerly, we normally go to our farmlands to get tea and coffee products.

Senator Yusuf Abubakar Yusuf representing Taraba Central has highlighted the importance of a legislation that would set up a marketing board for Coffee and Tea products in Nigeria.
The senator who speaking to newsmen on the need for Nigeria to harness the the great potentials which Coffee and Tea produces had, said that the establishment of a regulatory body for coffee and tea would create jobs for farmers, buyers, sellers and it also generate foreign revenue for the country as tea and coffee produced in the country would be exported.

The lawmaker lamented the loss of foreign revenue which the country suffers due to importation of tea and coffee products.

He said that despite the fact that tea is available in large and commercial quantities on the highlands of Taraba, the country has failed to harness its potentials.

“it is with this aim in mind that introducting a Bill to encourage the cultivation of tea in Nigeria.

“In those days, we could walk up to out farm and pick tea and process it into beverages and drink but today, we no longer have these products again due to lack of farming.
He further continues,
” we now import huge quantity of tea and coffee hence my reason for introducing the bill to curb the importation of tea and coffee products and to boost the production locally
Responding to questions from journalists as to why there is low production in tea and coffee, the senator explained that, there is lack of government regulation or laws to curb importation of tea into the country and lack of government incentives to propel Farmers into tea production.

He added that when his billed is passed, there would massive investment in the tea industry and this would stimulate economic growth in areas where they are cultivated
He further revealed that Nigeria is far behind Ethiopia, Kenya and cote D Voire in coffee and tea production.

“Since we have the market and we don’t have the capacity to cultivate coffee and tea on massive scale, these countries have turned Nigeria into dumping ground.
He then added that all this would change soon.

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