Don’t wait to be slaughtered, defend yourself – SOKAPU Youths tells S/Kaduna

..Say’s Enough is Enough

By Achadu Gabriel, Kaduna

Southern Kaduna People’s Union (SOKAPU) Youths Wing, has urged Southern Kaduna people to defend themselves in the face of unabated attacks and killings across the zones by bandits, instead of waiting to be slaughtered.

The youth wing which gave charge in a statement signed by its national youth leader Comrade Johm Isaac, explained that the union noted that the State and Federal government have failed secured them by refusing to put an end to the mindless attacks on their people and arrest perpetrators.

“Brothers and Sisters across all nooks and crannies of Southern Kaduna we must have observed the reccuring spade of attacks and killings taking place across our communities in the last few days, with no deliberate attempt by security bodies to intervane and bring to book these criminal murderers.

“The Youth Wing of Southern kaduna People’s Union is at this time compelled to say Government both at the State and Federal levels have failed to put an end to this mindless attacks on our people and arrest perpetrators.

“We are therefore urging all Sons and Daughters across Southern Kaduna in the face of these cruel killings to defend your selves in the proportionate ways and manners your lives seems threaten.
“Do not sit awaiting to be slaughtered like lambs, your Lands taken, and your children enslaved”, he stated, adding “Enough is enough.

“Every single inch of Land in Southern Kaduna is an inheritance from our forefathers and remains the exclusive entitlement of our offsprings.
“We cannot abandoned or cedes an inch of our Land to any coward at this time, not when our forefathers and fathers died protecting it for our sake.
“We must hand over same which was handed to us to our offsprings. Brethren fear not the sounds and echoes of death. For if God is with us, who can stand against us.

“For the LORD our God is he that goeth with us, to fight for us against our enemies, to save us.” Deuteronomy 20:4

“Above all brethren lets continue to look up to the heavens from where cometh our help.

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