Eid-el-kabir: Pastor leads Christian clerics to Ram -market

Eid-el-kabir: Pastor leads Christian clerics to Ram -market

By Achadu Gabriel

Pastor Yahnana Buru on Friday led a delegation of Christian clerics to Ram -Market in kaduna state, urging them to cut-down prices to make them affordable in view of salla celebration.

The main aim of the gesture, among other things, are to strenthen Christian-muslims relationship in the state and country in general.

Pastor Yohanna Buru, the General Overseer of Christ Evangelical and Life Interventions Ministry Sabon Tasha Kaduna state and leader of the team visited some Ram-selling centers in the state and appealed to the traders to crashed-down prices of Ram and other aninmals, so as to enabled muslims buys animals for sallah festivity at affordable prices.

The delegate which involved some top Christians clerics in the state and some few muslims was aimed at meeting and dialoging with all the Ram -market sellers union on the need to cut-down prices for every Muslims to buy Rams at a cheaper price in order to sthrenthen Christians-muslims relationships in the state

According to the man of God it became mandatory for Christians clergies to equally support muslims through calling on Ram sellers to bring down the price of Ram during the sallah festivity.

He said the high cost of foodstuff in the market amidst Corona virus pendemic and security challenges has become a big problems that is effecting every family in Nigeria.

Buru stressed that ,they would equally mobilized more muslims and Christians schorlars to visit Ram markets, so as to beg them to reduce the price of Rams and othe animals.

According to him, the team of Christians scholar has visited the market this morning in order to draw the attention of all the Ram sellers on the need to reduce the price,

He said, “We must remembered that we’re one family Under God, worshipping only One Godw. We both have our holy Books from one God”.

While wishing muslims all over the world happy sallah in advance, he equally urged muslims to support the needy IDPs,widows ,destitutes and orphans with some food and other items ,for them to celebrate the sallah with joy and happiness live every other muslims

It could be recalledthat during Ramadan season, every year pastor yohanna buru usually mobilises 50muslims and Christians scholar to visit the norherhn Nigerian markets with the aims of calling marketers to cut down price sofgood and service ,

Responding, the chairman of Zango Ram sallers- market in kaduna Alhaji musa usman sarkin zango thank pastor yohanna buru and his team for coming to the market

He said, its supprising Christian scholars caming to beg us to crashed down price of Rams and other animals while there are big Islamic scholars that deserved to do that

Alhaji usman says , the price of rams in the market is not expensive as what people think up,because we sale sallah ram at affordabke prices to enabled every family to celebrate sallah with joy and happiness like every other muslims across the workld

He said ,insecurity challenges has contributed toward causing scarcity of Ram and other animalsin the entire northern Nigeria

Alhaji usman expressed dissatifcation over increase banditry,kidanapping and othe security challenges bedeviling peace stability in the market

He them called on state and federal government to as a matter of emergency bring an end to insecurity challenges affecting every sector of human development

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