Facts about teacher

  1. They never grow old.
  2. They are the happiest people on earth.
  3. They are very disciplined people.
  4. They are special people who know how to control their anger and temper.
  5. Teachers are loving people.
  6. Teachers are God given parents,with caring and sympathetic hearts.
  7. Teachers are called and chosen by God to teach the nation.
  8. Teachers are forgiving people.
  9. Teachers are exemplary people .
  10. Teachers are resourceful people.
  11. Teachers are time conscious people .
  12. Teachers are a gift from God.
  13. Teachers are not selfish people . They share knowledge
  14. Teachers are talented people .
  15. Teachers endure low payments and suffer for the sake of others..
  16. Teachers are the most happiest when they see their sown seeds (learners) grow to become gigantic trees with precious fruits and shades for many.
    Congrats to all Teachers in the house because they are the ones who made us who we are today.

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