State of the Nation Series Under Buhari (Part 1)

When General Buhari came into power veiled in agbada in 2015, his words were hailed by a section of some interlopers who did not care to interrogate his personality. He came out in his true colours, demonstrating that he is a man with dictatorial tendencies who has the capacity to mismanage the country, a man who is corruption, who is manipulative with his idealized notion of self- righteousness, with tribalism, nepotism, self-promotion…at the expense of the masses who voted for him, as well as those who did not.

In character and behaviour, nothing should make us accept his bad instincts as norms. When some of us saw the darkness in him from our enlightened position, having been printed in light colours by the Tinubus and Co, his supporters raised alarms of corruption in the then government as an excuse to handover our destinies to him. At least, we wouldn’t have been in this sorry situation we are today. The alarm we raised about his person then would have been heeded. But all is history now.

Some of us reading this article today cannot escape the charge of being accomplices by either voting for Buhari or by being silent in the face of his gross maladministration in the past three years. We spoke up early in 2014, objectively, seriously, concertedly… to forestall this near doom we are today. While those who feel sorry today for their actions in bringing Buhari to power is commendable, their regrets are not enough to now unseat Buhari who wish to glue himself to Aso seat beyond 2019, or even becoming a life president as the rumour goes. We rather collectively speak out to condemn this government than to allow this country to continue to go bankrupt beyond what can be redeemed.

People often ask, “how did we get here?” We got here because some Necessary Idiots gate-crashed into our political space. The likes of Lauretta Onoche, Femi Adesina, Joe Igbokwe, Okorocha…loudmouthed, disoriented, myopic humans who are limited in their visions and thought-processes.

Elempe Dele, 2019

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