State of the Nation Series Under Buhari (Part 2)

Nigeria was once considered the giant and anchor of Africa, blessed with clever and energetic people (not lazy youth as positioned by the President) and favoured with natural resources. Despite the size and the potential wealth, Nigeria lingers in poverty perpetually looking for quality leadership. Today, not only that we are looking for quality leadership, Nigeria is in crisis, now regularly threatened by disintegration than ever before after the civil war. The country under Buhari is devoid of true democracy, gently sliding into a police state and anarchy. Yes, having practiced democracy for over 16 years, Nigeria is gently retreating from it under Buhari – the facts are there. But shamefully, some spectators and actors are applauding the stinky version of democracy Buhari is practicing, which is alien to most of us who are not little-minded.

Under all manners of excuses, some are not troubled by this dead version of democracy where the government comes out to shamefully tell us it cannot obey court orders for personal and selfish interest called national interests. The moral implications is that those who see it as OK, even some lawyers who ought to be arbiters in the temple of justice, seem to be impaired in their trade. A civil engineer cannot use a broken pillar to prop up a mansion intentionally.
“Oh, nothing matters in politics. Forget politics, deal with human affairs and interests first. We ought to deal with the law as being sacred to our souls.”

No doubt, the present Buhari administration, as it was in the 80s, is challenged by some strong issues of the rule of law, democratic tenets, morality, mass killings, corruption, nepotism, tribalism…and these issues cannot easily be wished away. Until they are face-to-face confronted we cannot move forward and there won’t be need to consider the administration for re-election at all.

It’s only a marginal number of Nigerians that are impressed by the mountains of excuses being given by the government for not doing what it was supposedly voted in to do. These excuses are signs of failure, self-serving, grand-deceits, cover ups for ineptitude, leadership problems, mismanagement…The excuse of the past government was corrupt after three years in power is no longer acceptable even if they publish a discounted dictionary on it. How do you give corruption of the past government as an excuse for underperformance when your own government is deeply mired in it?

Elempe Dele, 2019

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