Nigeria’s Problem is not Buhari – Says WB C, Ali

Nigeria’s Problem is not Buhari – Says WB C, Ali

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By Achadu Gabriel

Nigerian World Boxing Champion (WBC) Bashi Ali has made an observation on what many would described as unbelievable revelation, saying that President Muhammadu Buhari is not the problem of Nigerian as currently stands and percieved by many.

Ali who made the assertion in a statement issued Wednesday courageously said the people who are the problem of the country includes the vice president, the chief of staff, minister of youths and sports development amongst other bad Minister’s and other bad people around the president

A statement titled “OPEN LETTER TO VP OSINBAJO ABOUT MINISTER SUNDAY DARE”, Bashi Ali, who has zero terrorance to corruption lamented that the VP, Sports Minister and most of the ministers and other people around Buhari retarded the country rather than been the ears and eyes of the president.

According to him, “Sports is one of the biggest industries in the world and if well organized
in Nigeria will earn big time money for the country and help to create employment for Nigerians”.
“A tree cannot make a forest so the problem of Nigeria is not President Muhammadu Buhari but you, his Vice President, his Chief of staff, Prof
Ibrahim Gambari, Minister of Youth and Sports Development, Sunday
Akin Dare (SAD) and MOST of the BAD Ministers and the BAD people around the President because instead of being his eyes and ears to help
him make Nigeria a better country, you guys are busy retarding the growth of Nigeria by not paying attention to positive ideas that will make
Nigeria a great country.
“I say MOST not ALL. Before I conclude this
letter, I will tell you why you guys are not PATRIOTIC and why you should tender your UNRESERVED apology to President Buhari and to
The Federal Government of Nigeria (FGN) because of my
Promotions and financial contributions to the development of Youths and
Sport in Nigeria, awarded me the highest national honor ever given to a
Nigerian athlete, Officer of the Order of the Niger (OON). At the
reception, I was told not to rest on my oars but to do more for my
country so I can get more honors but in the process of trying to do more
for my country I committed an UNPARDONABLE crime by having the
Sport is one of the biggest industries in the world so Minister SAD
should be competing with the Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation in
generating income for the FGN but because he cannot think outside of
the box and he is not PATRIOTIC, he puts himself FIRST, says to hell
with Nigeria and prefers to go cap in hand to beg the FGN for money to
run his Ministry. It is SAD, very SAD.
I am the ONLY boxer in the world to win a World Boxing Championship
without first boxing as an amateur so I am superior to all the other
boxers. I am also the no 1 qualified boxer to earn a place in the
Guinness World Records as the OLDEST BOXER to fight for a World
Boxing Championship. The no 2 is Evander Holyfield of the United
States of America (USA), and no 3 is Mike Tyson, USA. Simply
put, I am the BEST BOXER in the world but unfortunately, I am
a Nigerian in Nigeria.
In the USA, Evander Holyfield and Mike Tyson are heroes and they are
both treated like Gods but unfortunately for Bash Ali OON he is treated
like a piece of sh*t because he is a Nigerian in Nigeria, a country where
CRIMINALS are celebrated while HEROES are relegated to the back
burner. What a bad example for the youths to emulate!!
When I came back to Nigeria in 2006 from the USA and mooted the
idea to host the FIRST Guinness World Record Boxing Championship
Fight on the soil of Africa, precisely in Nigeria, I swore to Almighty Allah
that I will NEVER give a KOBO BRIBE to any government official to
realize my dream but Minister SAD was able to deceive and EXTORT
money from me in the name of President Buhari and when I said NO to
further deceit and EXTORTION, Minister SAD then called a Press
Conference and put his foot inside his mouth to embarrass the FGN.
The above Local Organizing Committee (LOC) was twice inaugurated by
the FGN on November 9, 2006 and again on January 7, 2014 with
the PRIVATE SECTOR to fund, organize and host in Nigeria in a
TRANSPARENT manner the FIRST Guinness World Record Boxing
Championship Fight on the soil of Africa but because I say NO to
CORRUPTION & BAD ADMINISTRATION the Historic Fight is yet to
become a reality.
When Muhammadu Buhari became the President in 2015, I was the
happiest Nigerian because Mr President has zero tolerance for
confident that this Historic Fight would hold within 90 days but I was
wrong, very wrong. Despite being the first Project that President Buhari
approved on assumption of office vide memo: SH/COS/22/A/627
dated July 21, 2015 and also the first memo;
NSC/GRSD/BABP/CON/72 dated August 12, 2015 to be treated by
His Excellency nothing positive has happened because of
On June 17, 2016, the International Boxing Union (IBU) wrote a letter
to President Buhari to request for a letter to guarantee in Nigeria the
safety of the 132 countries coming to Nigeria to be part of Boxing
History and to also demand their Approval Fee. The letter went on to
offer me 40M Euros plus twenty percent of Per Per View Revenue from
the Promoters in Germany to fight outside of Nigeria. The deadline to
accept the offer was July 15, 2016. The Ministry of Youth & Sports on
July 15, 2016, on behalf of President Buhari replied: Paragraph 2 says:
On your request for a guarantee of the safety of the 132 member
countries participating in the historic event, I am directed to write and
confirm to you the Federal Government of Nigeria’s commitment to
guarantee not only the safety of the participating member countries but
that of any other person within its borders, in line with its constitution
obligation and under International Law. Paragraph 3 ended with; The
Ministry of Youth & Sports will follow up to ensure timely payment. It
concluded with Paragraph 4: While looking forward to the hitch-free
staging of the historic fight in Nigeria, please accept the assurances of
the Honourable Minister’s esteemed regards and a warm welcome in
Nigeria. Signed by the Honourable Minister.
I lost the 40M Euros offer and many more offers to fight outside of
Nigeria but I was not disturbed because I was and still supremely
confident that as long as Muhammadu Buhari is the President of Nigeria
that this Historic Fight will hold in Nigeria devoid of CORRUPTION &
On May 21, 2019, for the third time, the FGN through the Ministry
of Youth & Sports inaugurated the above LOC committee with the office
of the Chief of Staff to Mr President as a member so the LOC can have
easy access to Mr President and with the PRIVATE SECTOR to fund
and host this LUCRATIVE Historic Event. The Ministry of Youth &
Sports is not putting up a KOBO to host this Historic Event but to
MIDWIFE ONLY on behalf of the FGN. In fact the Ministry will earn
from between $50M-$100M in the process.
Minister Solomon Dalung was not returned as a minister so Mr SAD
took over as the Minister of Youth & Sports.
On October 15, 2019, President Buhari invited Minister SAD to his
office and PERSONALLY directed him to meet with me. Minister SAD
called me severally asking for a PRIVATE meeting but I insisted it
MUST be a GENERAL meeting. We finally met on November 4, 2019
in the presence of all his heads of Departments. First, Minister SAD
praised me to high heavens for my contributions to Sports development
in Nigeria and that President Buhari has DIRECTED him to meet with
me to discuss how we are going to host this Historic Event in Nigeria
and that henceforth it is no longer Bash Ali’s Fight but Nigeria’s. He went
on to say that he will involve all arms of the FGN and that he would
need me to guide him on what to do etc. He then told me that President
Buhari will not be happy that there is a lawsuit against former Minister
Dalung and that the matter should be settled out of court so we can
have a meeting with the members of the LOC to plan the hosting of the
historic Event. We shook hands and I left.
From November 4, 2019 to January 5, 2020, Minister SAD and his
cohorts did not allow me to train for the fight as they bombarded me
with different crazy ideas on how to DEFRAUD the FGN and each crazy
idea was turned down.
On January 6, 2020, since Minister SAD, said it is no longer a Bash
Ali’s Fight but Nigeria’s, I wrote a letter to President Buhari through
Minister SAD requesting for a Courtesy visit with Mr President to thank
him for making this Historic Fight a priority and to present to Mr
President the fight souvenirs and a custom made Boxing Gloves to
On January 7, 2020, because I had turned down Minister SAD‟s
different crazy offers on how to DEFRAUD Nigeria, he was afraid that I
wanted to visit President Buhari to expose his plans so he replied the
letter on behalf of President Buhari saying that there was no
APPROVAL for my fight until the Court case is settled so i should settle
the Court case in order to make progress on the Historic Fight (The
letter is available upon request). Minister SAD deceived me in the
name of President Buhari and took half of the payment of the Court
judgment to settle out of Court. I had another offer of 75M Euros plus
thirty three percent of PPV TV Revenue to fight outside of Nigeria. The
deadline to accept the offer was March 7, 2020. Minister SAD and his
cohorts continued with their different crazy offers to DEFRAUD Nigeria
and as usual they were turned down so Minister SAD waited for three
days after the 75M Euros offer had expired to send me another reply
on March 10, 2020 (The letter is available upon request). Now,
Minister SAD has on behalf of President Buhari written 2 replies to my
January 6, 2020 letter. Now, President Buhari has written two replies
to one letter. Do not laugh because it is not funny. This time, Minister
SAD made a 360 degrees turn by saying “You are advised to stop using
the picture of Mr President on any promotional material or the Ministry’s
logo for a fight not approved, supported or endorsed by the Federal
Government of Nigeria through the Ministry of Youth & Sports
IMPUNITY: First, the letter was addressed to President Buhari and not
to Minister SAD but because of CORRUPTION & BAD
ADMINISTRATION backed with IMPUNITY he decided to reply it
on behalf of President Buhari in order to make President Buhari look like
a CONFUSED and IRRESPONSIBLE President. Secondly, this is the
FIRST Project President Buhari approved on assumption of office, he
wrote a letter to the IBU to guarantee their safety in Nigeria, he
promised them that the Ministry of Youth & Sports will ensure the timely
payment of their Approval fee, he once again inaugurated the LOC
through the Ministry of Youth & Sports, and to make a good situation
great, he PERSONALLY DIRECTED Minister SAD to meet with me so
we can plan how to successfully host this Historic Event, we met in
November and after the meeting CORRUPTION & BAD
Now that the Court case has been settled, because of CORRUPTION,
call a meeting with the members of the LOC as he promised and has
directed by President Buhari.
Minister SAD, twice called a Press Conference and SHOCKED the
world by saying the FGN has NEVER identified with this Historic Project
and when the Press started bombarding him with different negative
editorials he then called another Press Conference to say the Ministry of
Youth & Sports does not have the jurisdiction to host this Historic
Event that the jurisdiction belongs to the Nigeria Boxing Board of
Control (NBBofC). He again put his foot in his mouth because he
forgot that the NBBofC is a member of the LOC inaugurated by the
FGN through the Ministry of Youth & Sports.

  1. All Guinness World Record Boxing Championship Fights have held
    in the United States of America but mine would be the FIRST
    outside, and because of the age difference and the super
    undercard would be the most LUCRATIVE in the history of Pay
    Per View Television Revenue.
  2. 132 countries will be in Nigeria to be part of Boxing History.
    President Buhari has already written to the International Boxing
    Union to guarantee their safety in Nigeria.
  3. BIG POLITICAL GOAL: Despite two inaugurations by the Peoples
    Democratic Party because of CORRUPTION and BAD
    ADMINISTRATION they could not host this historic Event but
    now that President Buhari inaugurated the LOC and was able to
    host it, it would be a big political goal.. 2. President Buhari will also
    be the FIRST President in the world to host a Guinness World
    Record Boxing Championship Fight outside of the United States of
    America (USA).
  4. Benefits to Nigeria; Part of the PPVTV Revenue would be paid in
    taxes to the Federal Government of Nigeria. 2. Five Sports
    Academies with Olympic size swimming pool and a Sports
    Equipment Manufacturing Factory at $20M each will be built
    across Nigeria. 3. These establishments will help to create
    employment for Nigerians and above all give the Nigerian athletes
    an avenue to exhibit their talents and earn big money in the
    process. 4. This Historic Event will help to boost tourism in
    Nigeria. 5. Nigeria will get around the world an unprecedented
    level of positive publicity.
    As the Vice President of Nigeria, Sports is part of your portfolio. I met
    with you twice when you were the head of Nigeria’s Economic Team and
    I discussed with you this historic event and I gave you a letter of
    Proposal with my telephone numbers and twice you asked me if my
    number was in the letter so you could reach me. I told you yes and I
    took out a pen and once again wrote my numbers on the front page of
    my letter. I gave you a boxing glove and a Tee Shirt with the picture of
    President Buhari and I with the inscription “JOIN US TO KNOCKOUT
    I shook your hand and you promised to call me. That was in 2018.
    Since then I have called you a million times without answer or call back
    or reply my texts. I was surprised when „I saw you on television
    trying to inspire the Nigerian athletes to win laurels at the
    Olympics meanwhile, these athletes see the way you treat their
    HERO Bash Ali like a piece of sh*t and it kills their spirits. They
    cannot be inspired by your speech because they know that you
    don‟t mean it.
    The Chief of Staff to President Buhari is a member of the LOC
    inaugurated by the FGN. I met him at home in a relaxed mood on Friday
    April 23, 2021. We were together for about an hour and had
    interesting conversation about how to make Nigeria a great country and
    how this historic Fight would be a step in the right direction. I gave him
    all the relevant documents for the Historic Event and T- Shirts with the
    image of President Buhari and I advertising the first Guinness World
    Record Boxing Championship Fight on the soil of Africa. He promised to
    get back to me next week. It is now over 3 months and it is the same
    experience I have with you that I have with him. He will not answer his
    calls. He will not call back and he will not reply texts.
    What kind of a country is this? Are you guys not PUBLIC
    SERVANTS? Are you not in office to serve the people? Are you
    guys not supposed to be President Buhari‟s eyes and ears as a
    team to help move Nigeria forward? The POSITIVE change we
    ask for MUST start with you guys. I am not happy with you and
    I demand an apology from you for ignoring me. Don‟t you know
    I am like President Buhari. I will NEVER GIVE UP ON NIGERIA
    BOXER to fight and win a world championship in his country,
    Nigeria. Despite juicy offers to fight outside of Nigeria, despite
    negative articles by some international newspapers like the
    New York Times that I am campaigning in vain in Nigeria, I
    My Prayers:
    I respectfully ask for the following:
  5. That Minister Sunday Akin Dare should be re-directed to call for a
    meeting with members of the above LOC to plan how to host this
    historic event in Nigeria or Ministry of Special Duties should be
    directed to host this Historic Event or you should setup a Task
    Force that would handle the hosting of this Historic Fight and be
    reporting directly to you.
  6. That Minister SAD should return to me the money he extorted
    from me in the name of President Buhari.
  7. To give me the opportunity to meet with President Buhari to
    present to him the Fight souvenirs and a custom made Boxing
    ADMINISTRATION in Nigeria.
    Thank You Sir.
    Respectfully submitted for Your Excellency’s urgent attention and
    Yours Truly,
    Building a Better and a More Profitable Nigeria Through Sport.
    Bash Ali. OON.
    World Boxing Champion. 07036662806 & 08023186192.
  8. President of Nigeria
  9. Attorney General of the Federation and Minister of Justice
  10. DG, Department of State Services
  11. Barrister Jibrin Okutepa SAN
  12. Barrister Mike Ozekhome SAN
  13. Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC)
  14. Independent Corrupt Practices Commission (ICPC)
  15. Ministry of Sports thru: Permanent Secretary
  16. Chief of Staff to the President”, he stated
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