Catholic Media Center releases first graduands

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By Achadu Gabriel

Media Service Center (MSC) of Catholic Social Center, Kaduna introduced certificate course on Development Communication. The thirteen weeks intensive training program led to the award of a certificate course in Development Communication.

In a speech during the graduation and matriculation of old and new students of the centre on Monday, the deputy director of the centre Rev. Fr. Anthony B. Shawuya said the center has vision and desire to impact development of human persons using best practices in Media Technology and Programming.

He stressed that in view of this, the center has its own driving force, the concept of media for human development as part of achieving the vision, adding that series of partnership, training and digital productions have been pursued by the MSC in recent years.
“The Media Service Center has as its vision the desire to impact the development of the human person using best practices in media technology and programming.
“This is why it has as its driving force the concept of media for human development. As part of achieving this vision, series of partnership, training and digital productions have been pursued by the Media Service Center (MSC) in recent years and one of which is the 13 week certificate course on Development Communication.

“This course is the first of its kind in the whole of Kaduna state and the entire northern region of Nigeria.
“Its primal place is in the fact that the Media Service Center think tank conceived the idea even before the National University Council would collapse Mass Communication into 7 departments one of which is Development Communication”, he said.

He also stated that “Today we are graduating the first set of beneficiaries of our programme on Development Communication and we are grateful to God for making it possible for us to achieve this feat.
“It started not without daunting challenges that almost derailed the initiative but we moved on anyway and we are here today. We shall improve from our mistakes at this first shot.

“May I thank the Coordinator of the programme Mr. Andrew Gani Ikilama for his sacrifices and commitment to the success of this programme.
“He therfore thanked Pastor Tony Kuti, Mr. Silas Wonder, Ade Dudu Bello, Matthew Igere and all those who took part in making the programme a success through their sacrifices and commitment,

To the graduating students, he said, “you are our ambassadors and in the course of your training you have brought some persons that saw what you were acquiring and showed interest.

“Some of you were quite unstable though but I believe your colleagues carried you along. Out there your challenges may come in various forms but surely you are equipped to face them and be of good service wherever you enlist. Be our good ambassadors.

“To our partners, Knowledge For the Blind Initiative (KFBI), Utane Initiative for Girl Empowerment (UTIGE), we say thank you for your contributions to the success of the certificate course.

“It is our desire to continue this partnership and together bring to humanity the dignity of truly existing as humans fully developed and empowered.

“May I take this time to make an appeal for sponsorship of our programmes by media giants in and around Kaduna. You can support us in cash or in kind especially via equipment.

“You can equally partner with us for the training of your staff and students where necessary. There is so much we can do together to impact human.

On tuition fees, Fr Shawuya said the centre has subsidised school fees and allowed students paid instalmentally.

Some of the graduands who came from private and military establishment, commended the centre for the program, a new students Rev. Fr. Gabriel Oteikwu also commended the centre saying he enrolled knowing the important of the course in leadership, media and communication.

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