On Super Cop Kyari

On Super Cop Kyari

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Kyari exposed himself to this kind of situation. You cannot be a super cop and a social media celebrity at the same time. His visibility in the toxic social media environment left him wide opened for punches like this. Just as much, you cannot be fighting one part of a stupendously rich and unscrupulous criminal community while rubbing shoulders with the other part.

Kyari has no business making even legitimate appearances at events hosted by people whose characters and sources of income are hazy, questionable and may likely come into conflict with his professional responsibility. And if the scripts of his conversations with Hushpuppi are credible and anything to go by, I will say he goofed big time! More than anybody, he should understand the implications of this kind of relationship between a police office and a man of questionable character. A relationship between a Hushpuppi and a super cop like Kyari should just be out of the books. Presidential aspirant Atiku Abubakar has only a photo session with Hushpuppi but he paid dearly for it because Nigerians sees in Hushpuppi nothing but a pariah with whom good people should not associate with.

Why then should Kyari break protocol and develop such a relationship with Hushpuppi as to be facilitating orders for his fashion accessories? I admire Kyari a lot and will certainly like to see him come out of this with his integrity intact. When and if he does, I pray he learn the lessons of the past few days and reduce his visibility in the toxic social media environment. The only thing he will attract for himself from this visibility is the envy of colleagues, the anger of the criminals he is fighting and the wrath of an ungrateful country. And the last is the clearest of all. With a single misstep he’s fried in the last few days more than Hushpuppi was fried from his arrest to recent conviction regardless of his (Kyari’s) laudable contributions in suppressing criminality in Nigeria. May Allah see him through his travails if he’s innocent.

Maiwada Dammallam

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