So sad: The wasting generation

So sad: The wasting generation

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Big brother: Maria caught on camera having sex with WhiteMoney

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Nigerian Govt signs power generation contract with Siemens to boost electricity.

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  • Total number of votes cast Big Brother Nigeria 2018 = 170m
  • Total number of votes cast General election 2019 = 27m

A practical reality of who we are as people and where our priority lies as citizens.

The Funny side in all of these; we still go to bed, have a good sleep and wake up with the hope to meet a Nigeria we didn’t create.

Total number of votes cast during Britain Got talent 2017 = 6.2million votes

Total number of votes cast during American got talent 2017 = 52.1million votes. American population is twice Nigerian population.

Mind you, most of the votes cast on either Britain or American got talent are absolutely free because you can vote on their websites & on the Apps without paying a dime.

Total number of votes cast during “Big Brother Nigeria” 2018 = 170million votes @ N30 per sms for a show that contributes absolutely nothing to their lives. Going by the figures, it will take America & Britain combined three & half years to organise a talent show to catch up with Nigeria.

It is neither a talent show or life enhancing or promoting show. A show where two adults are kept in a cage to freely give & take sex on National Television, while the organisers make more money from the youths.

If INEC organises general election this weekend and ask Nigerian youths to vote on their mobile phones @ N10 per SMS to elect leaders that will shape their futures & the country, they will ask Nigerian Government to credit their accounts 1st before they will agree to vote in that magnitude.

“Wasted Generation” ~ Prof. Wole Soyinka called them.

“A generation that play too much, sleep too much and engage in idle chatter and gossip” ~ Chief Obafemi Awolowo foresaw

“A generation of illiterate graduates” ~ Atiku Abubakar called them in 2016

A generation that never plan for tomorrow…. Hopeless generation. Oladosu Oluwafemi called them 2021

A generation that are constantly not concerned about the deteriorating conditions of their senses & not bothered about their own future~ Osquare78 knows them.

“Idle youths who sit and do nothing, but expecting everything from govt free” ~Pre. Buhari surmised about them

We all must be wary of this generation…. they are the larger chunk of Nigerian population.

It is pathetic. 170 Million votes Multiplied by N30 = N 5.1 billion and the winner got N25 million plus an SUV worth N12 million a trip and electronics. Let us even assume that sms votes is 85 million, that will be N2.55 billion. So so sad…(copied from Lacasa F)