PDP The Hope of Nigerians

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The former Publicity Secretary of PDP in Edo State, Prince Dr. Francis Omo-Osunde Iyasere has commended those PDP leaders who worked behind the scene and outside the box to rescue the party from self-implosion during the recent unfortunate tustle between some sections and the chairman of the party which has rekindled the hope of Nigerians concerning the fledgling project called Nigeria under the maladministration of the APC government. In a hand written letter made available to our correspondent in Benin City, the political strategist particularly commended the PDP Board of Trustees, the PDP Governors Forum, stakeholders, foot soldiers around the globe and everyone who was involved in using the internal conflict resolution mechanism in resolving the unnessary crisis.

“The unfortunate crisis was more like an attempt by the ruling party to infiltrate the much calmer PDP by using undedicated members of the party with track records of disloyalty and impunity to create a climate of discord, disharmony, disunity in the party knowing full well that the party is the only viable hope for Nigerians come 2023 owing to the abysmal performance of the ruling party since 2015 it came to power. As of today, the president, General Buhari, and another major leader of the party, Bola Tinubu; a presidential hopeful, are in London for medical treatments when the hospitals in Nigeria are in derelict situations and doctors are on strike.”

The immediate past member, PDP South South Zonal Executive Committee, Prince Dr. Iyasere, appealed to members, leaders and major stakeholders of the PDP, to be wary of the antics of disgruntled political merchants from the ruling party, who are ready to do their usual dirty jobs of ensuring PDP is derailed from being the choice and hope of Nigerians before and after the 2023 presidential election.

“Let us make PDP a very strong formidable party ahead of 2023 presidential election because Nigerians, particularly the youth, will not forgive those within PDP who are making themselves instruments of discords or are being seen to be responsible for the weakening of the vehicle which Nigerians hope to use to kick out APC from government due to its inability to give good leadership and meet up with campaign promises which has seen a greater population of the people gone into destitution,” the PDP Strategist wrote in his conclusion.