Crisis in Nigeria: Messages for peace by Sheikh Kabiru

Crisis in Nigeria: Messages for peace by Sheikh Kabiru

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Translation of the Sheikh kabiru Gombe’s Audio Peace Message

By Isa Mohammed

“I want to use this medium to call on my Muslim and Christian brothers and sisters of our beloved country Nigeria to not allow ourselves to be manipulated, deceived or used to cause crisis: killing ourselves and destroying our properties. According to Qur’an, “the worst enemies of Islam are the atheists. But those who show more love and kindness to Muslims are the Christians. For among those Christians are Clerics who worship God and they are not arrogant”. This is the beautiful testimony, the Holy Qur’an has conferred on Christians.

The Almighty Allah was mentioning the Noble Prophet Isa (Jesus) and says, “We have bestowed kindness, love and mercy in the hearts of the Christians”.
This means a true Muslim cannot kill a Christian just like that, neither can he/she destroy the properties or belongings of Christians. In the same manner, a true Christian cannot harm a Muslim unjustly.
Islam has even made it lawful for a Muslim to marry a Christian and eat one another’s food (Sura Almaa’ida, chapter 5 verse 5). This means Christians are in-laws to Muslims and Muslims are in-laws to Christians. If that’s the case, then why should in-laws (Christians and Muslims) take weapons to kill one another?
Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) showed respect and extended kindness to Christians throughout his life. He once sent his disciples to the then King of Ethiopia who was a Christian for asylum and protection. The Prophet (SAW) said the King doesn’t allow anybody under his care to be harmed.

Similarly, the Prophet (SAW) was once sitting in a Mosque and was informed that some Christians had come from Najaran to pay him a visit. They were then ushered into the mosque and the Prophet welcomed them and gave them a warm reception. After exchanging pleasantries, they asked for where to do their prayers. The Prophet asked them to do their prayers right inside the mosque. This is how Prophet Muhammad (SAW) held Christians in high esteem.
This is equally how true Christians respect and adore Muslims. Historically, this is the relationship between Christians and Muslims. If you see any Christian taking weapons and attacking Muslims, he or she is not representing true christianity and therefore is just on his own.

For instance, go to any country that is a leading example of christianity and see the relationship between Christians and Muslims. I was once opportune to travel to Rome which is recognized as the World’s Headquarters of Christianity and was privileged to enter the Vatican which is the Palace of the Pope. As a Muslim, I was allowed to enter and see what is happening there. At present, the largest Mosque in Europe is the Jumu’at Mosque in Rome and which was approved and facilitated by the Christian Government. The Roman authorities still went ahead to build a train station at one side of the mosque and a bus station by the other side of that mosque so that any Muslim coming from any part of the Vatican city would not miss Jumu’at prayer in that mosque. Again, if there is any special congregation in that Mosque, the Pope would be invited and would delegate his representatives. Likewise the Pope would invite the mosque whenever there’s a special congregation in the church for the Muslim to be part of. This is the Christian-Muslim relationship in the Vatican city.
Just close to the palace of the Pope is a hospital known as the “Infants of Jesus” (Jirajiran Yesu). I was taken round the hospital and came to know that when a Muslim takes his wife for delivery, the hospital would seek his consent as to if a male doctor could attend to his wife. If he prefers a female doctor, that would be strictly respected. In addition, he would be asked the types of foods to be given to her that are not against his religion which would also be respected. After the delivery, the wife would be given at least 2,000 Euros to help take care of the new born. Again, this depicts the historical bondage between Christians and Muslims. Therefore, inciting Christians against Muslims or vice versa is the evil work of the enemies of both religions with hidden agenda to destroy our society.
Therefore I call on all the Muslims of the Northern and Southern Nigeria not to be brainwashed to perpetrate violence in the name of religion, ethnicity or sectionalism and destroy our dear country with our own hands because of the vested interests of some selfish politicians or Western elements. The so called protests was deceptive. Though originally started with good intention, the protests were obviously hijacked by some evil minded elements to which even the original organizers have distanced themselves from.
Let’s all read the Holy Qur’an and Bible both of which are totally against violence of any kind. Allah says “For the pius peopeople, there is calmness and amiability even in the way they walk on earth. And when the ignorant ones attempt to provoke them, they would respond with “Salamah”. That all they want is peace and tranquility”.

What may surprise you is that there is a similar verse in the Holy Bible which says, “Blessed are the peace makers, for they should be called the children of God”. This clearly shows the emphasis both Islam and Christianity places on peaceful coexistence.
Abraham is the Noble Prophet that both Muslims and Christians revere and believe in. He also made special prayers for harmonious coexistence among his people. He says, “Yaa Allah make this Holy city of Mecca to be a city of peace and harmony and bless it with abundance of food”.
This means that the two primary conditions that each society needs for survival are peace living and food sufficiency.

May Allah bless us with peaceful coexistence in Nigeria, may He provide food abundance for us in Nigeria.
Let’s not allow ourselves to be used in the name of religion or ethnicity to engage in destruction of lives and properties. When we do that, we would definitely regret our actions when it is already too late. Let’s always be our brothers keepers.
May Allah bless our leaders with the ability to treat all with justice and equity irrespective of religious or ethnic affiliations, for the peace and progress of our dear nation.
May the peace and blessings of Allah be upon you.”

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