Life Challenge Academy Partners Life Challenge Nigeria in a one day seminar.

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Life Challenge International is on a global mission to fight addiction. Since 2003, hundreds of individuals and families have been set free from the bondage of alcohol and drugs.
Life Challenge runs men’s residential centers, women’s support programs, children’s rescue mission, prison freedom mission and is actively involved in prevention and awareness campaigns, and seminars in schools.

Life Challenge believes that “Addiction is the greatest enemy of the human race.” Millions of families around the world have been affected by addiction and the related issues of crime, abuse, poverty, violence and numerous social problems. The biggest drawback to effectively treating addiction problems has been a lack of understanding of addiction and the process of recovery. The American Society of Addiction Medicine has termed addiction as a bio-psycho-socio-spiritual disease. Although this complex definition has attempted to provide an explanation, there is no universally accepted definition of addiction.

While there have been advances in psychiatry and studying the brain, the one area that has been overlooked is the spiritual component. If Addiction is also a spiritual disease, then recovery must surely include a spiritual dimension. Life Challenge believes that holistic transformation is only possible when the recovery process addresses the body, mind, soul & spirit.

With this in mind, Life Challenge has launched Life Challenge Academy, a training and certification program for Biblical Addiction Counselors, that provides an in-depth look at the spiritual aspect of addiction. Life Challenge believes that addiction is a darkness of the human spirit that destroys both body and soul.

On September 3, 2021, Life Challenge Academy in partnership with Life Challenge Nigeria will host an introductory one-day training event in Kaduna, providing an overview on the Basics of Biblical Addiction Counseling. The training will cover the Truth about Addiction, Principles of Holistic Transformation and Discipleship Steps to Recovery. Interested students will have the opportunity to sign up for the complete certification program. The vision of Life Challenge Academy is to equip, empower & enable transformation and to form a network of addiction counselors to enable society to effectively fight addiction.
The training is open to counselors, pastors, teachers, youth & children workers and all those interested in the field of addiction recovery.
For more information, please contact Life Challenge Nigeria on 07031906106, 08175359708 and 08097556971.

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