Calls For Shaaban To Contest 2023 Guber Polls Mounts

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As the frontline politician, Dr. Sani Shaaban marks his birthday reception, many Nigerians have been showering him with encomiums and describing him in good light.

The Danburam Zazzau and Barden Keffi, Dr. Sani Shaaban has been described as a true Nigerian, an honest citizen and a down to earth personae.

This was the view of a International business man Alhaji Mohammed Tukur.

According to Tukur,

“Despite his access to men of wealth and power who are spread all over the world, the Danburam Zazzau choose to remain in his community, choose to remain close to his people and render service to the people.

“It is only gratifying to note that we have such a wonderful person like Sani Shaaban in Zaria and in Kaduna state.

“I therefore, use this opportunity to wish his a wonderful celebration as he marks his birthday”, Tukur added.

Dan Malikin Matazu, Alhaji Usman A.A Dan Malam, the Sarkin Dawakin Ungwar Muazu also described the Kaduna based politician as a man with immense knowledge and know-how on how to tackle the social economic problems that has bedecked Kaduna state for a very long time.

Dan Malam further added that with a man of Shaaban’s pedigree at the saddle of power all the problems facing Kaduna State would be over.
“It is with this very knowledge that we are here today to call on the Danburam Zazzau to get ready to go back and finish the work his started for his state.

“The Barden Keffi has expended virtually all his years in tackling the problems of the state and he has had very huge success, therefore, it is time for Shaaban to move forward by being the captain of Kaduna State.

The traditional titleholder also challenged the people of the state to first and foremost get quality education both in the Western and Arabic language, stressing that lack of education is one of the major causes of the problems facing the state.

Be further urged them to take care of the children they birthed adding that it would only build a better society.

Talha Siddiqui, an Indian who was born in Nigeria and a holder of numerous traditional titles in the country, described Dr. Shaaban as a man who have been all around the world and have seen it all.

He said that Shaaban is fully equipped with the vast knowledge to lead not only the state but the country aright.

“I have known the Danburan Zazzau for a very long time, he is a man that is widely traveled and read.

Talha Siddiqui continued,
” Sani Shaaban is man that have seen it all and done it all, he is equipped with the leadership qualities and capacity to lead and move his people forward. It is in this vein, that I am wishing him a happy birthday.