Politics in Nigeria

Politics in Nigeria

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By Tony Osborg

“There is a word called Prebendalism
That word is the reason why the DSS is building a multi billion Naira sensitive security facility in a porous border state like Katsina instead of a more central location.
It is the reason why Katsina got 51 slots in the DSS recruitment.
It is the reason why a rail line is heading to Daura.
Prebendalism is the reason why most hometowns of past state governors are more developed in terms of road networks than other places of the state.
Prebendalism is the reason why we have now legalized zoning in our politics so that every zone must have the opportunity to chop.
Prebendalism is an inevitable byproduct of our skewed unitary political arrangement.
Prebendalism was the reason why people say Jonathan was stupid for not opening up the South South. Prebendalism is the reason why Buhari must not be as stupid like Jonathan.
Prebendalism is the reason why Tony Osborg must award contracts to his girlfriends, friends, university course mates, in-laws, tribes men, etc if he becomes a state governor or president. You want them to abuse me when I leave office? Prebendalism is the reason why I must loot money as a politician so that ‘my people’ can benefit from my being a politician.
We cannot stop prebendalism without first restructuring our political structure.
Prebendalism is the reason why some persons want an Igbo man to become president after Buhari so that Biafra agitation can die while Igbos chop their own share of the national cake.
Prebendalism is one strategy we have used to keep the contraption called Nigeria as one by rotating the looting spree.
If you want prebendalism to end, then you must support the restructuring of Nigeria.
Until then, wait for your turn to chop or keep talking. I will keep talking while waiting for my turn to chop since we do not want to restructure.
Try to visit the hometown of your past or present state governor and you will understand what I am talking about.
Prebendalism is the foundation of development in Nigeria. If we can’t discuss the real issues, we better keep quiet.

—. Article by Tony Osborg, 2017.

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